The Love of My life Emma :)

Hey there! I am horse crazy for a lot of reasons. I have been around horses for 10 years. I started riding when I was 5 years old taking lesson on a horse named Charlie.

After some years of moving to different stables and taking lessons, i started to lease an 14.00 hh exmoor/mustang pony named Breeze. He was 27 years old. I didn't do much with him except for galloping bareback in some grass on the street, or taking him for trail rides with my mom.

After my horse level experience went up, I got a 17 year old 15.2 Palomino Quarter horse named Sundance. He came from a trail riding stable up at Red Feather, and trail riding horses don't do much but walk, so every time I would ask him to trot or canter, he would buck. Even lunging. And he was very spooky. So after throwing me and my mom off, and giving us multiple injuries, we sold him, and moved to a real stable. I then got a 7 year old 13.2 POA pony (Pony of the Americas) named Comet to do all around with.

Boy did that name fit her! She was lightning fast! So after I got a few lessons in, I started to do Gymkhanas on Comet. Then my friend started doing some shows, so I took Comet to one of them, and i was hooked on Showing forever. We didn't win big in the shows, cause she was so fast, so we did more Gymkhanas.

When I outgrew Comet, we sold her and got myself a real nice 15.1 Sorrel Quarter Horse Gelding named L2. We didn't like that name, so we changed it to Flash, but then nobody at my stable liked that name so after riding him for a bit and seeing what his personality was, we came up with the name Poker, because he could go fast or slow.

I did gymkhanas with him at first, but he moved like a western pleasure horse, so I put spurs on him and turned him into a nice Jumper. Poker developed lots of lameness issues, and so I could no longer jump him, and we were spending thousands of dollars each month to keep him sound, and it just wasn't fun for me anymore. So after about a year of owning Poker, we sadly had to sell him to get me a jumping horse.

I now have a 11 year old Paint/Thoroughbred Appendix named Emma who I do western and English on with lots of showing. Her show name is The Secretary. Want to Know why? Because she is The famous racehorse Secretariat's Granddaughter! Yes, HIS granddaughter!

Emma and I will have been together for a year on July 9th 2011. We definitely have had our ups and downs. She was abused when she was a baby, so she has some baggage, but I said after I sold Poker I wanted a project horse and that's what I got.

When Emma was a baby she was raised in Mexico and was raced on the the track, but then came to Colorado, and only had one year at a good home, then came to me.

Emma is an AMAZING jumper! I have jumped her 2'9 and show at the 2'0-2'3 height. She is a very cute mover to. But being abused makes lots of things scary for her. Some examples are when I first got her, I couldn't spray fly spray on her without her freaking out. Same with baths. And she was afraid of loud noises and dark spots in the arena. Nobody told us she was so scared of things. She also cannot be put in a stall without blowing up. And same with the trailer. She thinks its going to eat her. But I asked for a project horse, and that's what I got.

So this past year we have created such a bond and lots of trust. I now can spray fly spray on her and she's practically asleep! Same with bathing. I can make more noise than I thought she would ever let me! She still is careful with sudden movements in her face, but a lot of horses don't like flying stuff in there face (hand waving etc). And scary things in the arena are not a problem anymore!

Yeah she's not perfect with things, and every once in a while she steps sideways from something scary in the arena, but its nothing! All horses are afraid of something! The stalling part is still a big issue and trailering to, but we are working on it. We go out every weekend and practice trailer loading, but now that summers here and shows are here, she will be fine.

Luckily Emma is so calm when we are at shows, it takes some stress off! :) But it has been an amazing year with her, and yes at times I do wish i had a different horse, but all horse owners go through that.

Well, that's my horse life, and I plan on being around them for the rest of my life! :D

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Jun 16, 2011
by: Sydney

I always enjoying reading true stories about why girls like me love horses. Thanks for sharing yours!

I posted a link on the HorseCrazyGirls FB page!

Jun 16, 2011
wow ;o
by: Amethyst

that is so cool u r a lucky girl u get to train your very own horse + its oh i dont know SECRATARIAT'S GRANDDAUHGHTER!!!!! I WISH I COULD HAVE HER but instead im not even taking horseback riding lessons let alone own a famous horse

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