The life of me onto why I love horses

by michellekitty123
(North America)

This is my horse Moondance

This is my horse Moondance

When I was only seven years old I went to my dad's country in Europe and there was this place where you can ride on horses for free there, and I went there with my dad. And guess what? I screamed saying that I wanted a horse!

And well to be honest, my dad said that it is a big responsibility and that they cost much so I started to cry. And then I saw this beautiful horse there that I adored so I went towards it and I started to say that I would take the horse no matter what and the owner said since my dad could not afford it I could visit any time.

I wanted it and I got so happy. I gave the horse a name and her name is "Moondance" and she is like 2 and 1/2 years old now. To tell you the truth, she is the only one I have ever mostly have talked to and she always likes taking me too the mountains where there are more horses that are wild. We always see them running towards us and we get to play with their babies and they are like "adorable".

But now me and Moondance have been hanging out a lot so we have so much fun together, and I have a picture of her that I will post.

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