The life of a riding champion - Part 1

by Catherine

"Tara and Pumpkin"

I could feel my heart beating in my ears, the adrenaline rushed through my veins and into my head, I sat steady and went a long with my mares canter, the final jump was just a few strides away.

This was it, this jump was the one, if I cleared it I would win the Sweet Meadows Equestrian Finals.

Only 3 strides left......2 strides.....1 stride!
I neatly folded into my jumping position and closed my eyes, I was to nervous to see what happens, I felt my mare Pumpkin, collect all of her strength in her back legs and spring over the 4'6 oxer. I opened my eyes when we landed, I quickly took a glance back, all the poles were in place!!!

I cantered a lap around the sand arena before exiting.

I soon heard the judge announce on his mega phone," That was Tara riding her horse Pumpkin Patch with zero faults and a time of 0:54 seconds. This makes her the winner of the Sweet Meadows Finals!"

As I took my victory gallop around the arena I could see my coach and all of my family that came to watch cheering for me, well except my older sister. My sixteen year old sister sat watching me with a smug look on her face, I could tell by her shimmering green eyes that she was not impressed.

My sister was reserve champion during regionals, and she was always above me, with her light brown wavy hair, perfect nails, spotless face, perfect EQ, and designer clothes. Always made me feel, well like a looser, even at school! I always known as "that freshmen who's like Courtney's sister."

But even though she was as pretty as a super model, had thousands of blue ribbons, the world most obedient Hanoverian gelding. I had a mission, If I got to regionals, I would win first place, proving myself to be just as good as her.

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Sep 08, 2013
by: Kristina

That story was, like, perfect! You were so descriptive. I can't wait to read more!!!:)

Sep 05, 2013
like it
by: Sunbeams

U got a really great start! Keep at it!

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