The Life of a Horse

by AHorseLovingGirl4ever

I'm Stardust, a light dapple gray Connemara Pony. I live at the Horseshoe Ranch with my owner, Grace. She is in Dressage and I am the horse she uses. Grace is 13 and she is my best friend. I don't know what I would do without her!

"Stardust!" I heard a familiar voice call. "It's time for lessons!" I nicker as Grace walks up to my stall with an apple for me. I take it and eat it. She then tacks me up for Dressage. We have been doing Dressage together for a year now and I'm enjoying it.

I have known her for three years now. Grace used to go on trail rides with me all the time but now, since she started Dressage, we haven't been on one for a while. "Here we go." Grace said as she mounted up on to me.

We walked out into the riding ring with others getting ready for lessons. Soon we start and we are doing well. We did the best in the group! "Good job, girl." Grace said sweetly while giving me a treat when we were finished. I whinnied in return. She then walked me to the stable and untacks me. She put me in my stall and said, "See you later Stardust." Then left the stable.

I was surprised when she came back in about a half hour. She walked in with her friend Alyssa who also had horses. Then I heard Grace say, "I'll ride Stardust. Who do you want to ride?" After, I heard Alyssa say, "I think I'll ride... Toffee." Toffee is a Chestnut Paint horse. Alyssa usually rides her when she comes over and Grace ALWAYS rides me. Then they tacked both of us up and started to ride.

"Which trail are we going on?" Alyssa asked. "On the usual." I heard Grace reply. We then rode on the usual trail. This reminded me of the days when Grace would ride me pretty much every day! As we got about half way down the trail, we heard thunder. I got a little spooked but kept it to myself. But Toffee was NOT expecting that as she told me. Toffee backed up and did not want to go forward but Alyssa soon calmed her down. "We should probably get going," Alyssa said. "I agree." Grace said while turning me around.

We were almost at the end of the trail when it started pouring. We sped up to a gallop and ran the rest of the way to the stable.


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Dec 31, 2016
I totally forgot!
by: AHorseLovingGirl

Sorry, I totally forgot about this story! I actually loved writing this one! WILL UPDATE! ;)

Dec 16, 2016
by: Appaloosa

Please please write more! I love the horse's point of view.

Oct 26, 2016
by: hoofbeats

Please write more!!!!

Aug 19, 2016
I like it!!!
by: TheHorseLover

Please write more it's so good! I really want to know what happens to Stardust!! :)

Aug 15, 2016
The Life of a Horse - Part 5
by: The Author

"This horse is no use! We can't even ride the dumb animal!" Mr. Smith said angrily. I snorted as he led me back to my stall.

"Dad,I think she's a great horse. Maybe she's just never been ridden before." Jacob said.

"No ,this horse just wants her owner. Not us." Mr. Smith said while walking away.

Then Alexis came out and said, "Daddy, Daddy, did you ride her?!"

Mr. Smith turned to her and said, "Yes, Alexis I did. But you can't ride her--ever." And those were the last words I ever heard from him.

Mr. Smith had decided earlier that I was not going back to Grace's home, but to some stranger's house that he doesn't know. I had a bad feeling about this one. They loaded me into the trailer and brought me to my new "home". I saw horses being whipped and tortured. This did not look good.

Then one of Mr. Smith's stable hand's who was driving, got out of the car and walked up to the owner of this farm. "So, you be James somethin', right?"

"I'm James Carter thank you very much." Mr. Carter said with a mean look.

"Oh, my mistake! Sorry Mr. Carter." The stable had said trying to fix his mistake.

"Call me James." Mr. Carter said without looking back. He opened the trailer and saw me.

"She looks like a good one, is she not?" James said while turning to Jacob, who came along also.

"Just not with riding. But other than that, she is a nice horse." Jacob answered. James made a look of hesitation on his face, but then unloaded me out of the trailer.

He brought me to my stall, gave me some feed, then walked away. I would never feel loved here, ever. I looked to the stall in front of me and saw cuts and dried blood on her. I felt bad. Then she said to me, "This is a cruel place you've been brought to. Good luck." Then turned away.

Now I was even more nervous than before. I started pacing in my stall and thought, "I have to get out of here! And when I do, I'm going HOME."

The next day...

Awaking me from my sleep, I heard a loud cry of another horse coming from right outside the door. I looked and saw a man whipping a horse--the horse that was in the stall in front of me. "When I get out of here," I thought. "I'll let her free too. This is way too much for any horse."

Then I heard some footsteps coming around the corner. Then I realized that they were coming for ME.

Part 6 or 7 I will end this series... please comment for more! <3 :D :D :D

Aug 11, 2016
by: BlueRoan

I think it's a great story! Write more! And if people don't comment,it doesn't mean we aren't reading it :) (At least for me that is) ;)

Aug 01, 2016
by: The Author

Does anyone like this? I just need to know so that I can write more! Part 5 will be up soon! This series will end at either part 5 or 6...Unless you want more! Thanks! ~AHorseLovingGirl4ever~

Jul 23, 2016
The Life of a Horse - Part 4
by: The Author

Before I was completely in the trailer, I heard Grace say, "Dad?" she sniffed and continued, "Why did it have to be Stardust? Why couldn't it have been Toffee or any other horse we own?" Grace's dad looked at her and paused. Then said, "She is the most expensive horse we own. We can't afford to keep her anymore." Grace's dad said thoughtfully.

"Bye Stardust!! Remember that I love you! You will always be in my heart!"Grace called as the trailer door started closing. I whinnied before the door closed. That was the last time I would see her for years, even though she said that 'She would never let me go.' But that does not mean I would never see her again,I have hoped and hoped for the day where she would own me once more.

After a while, we started down the rode. When we pulled in to my new home,there was a sign that said, "Whispering Leaves Horse Farm". Whispering Leaves? Well, there was a lot of trees there. We came to a stop when some guy around the age of 16 came up and opened the trailer door. I thought that I have seen him before. I just know I have! Wait. I know who he is. He is the son of Grace's dad's best friend! He came over when his dad did and talked with Grace a lot. Maybe that means that I will see Grace again?

He got me out of the trailer and soon enough,I was in my new home. "She was pretty good unloading, dad." I heard the guy that unloaded me say. "Yup! John said that she's a well trained horse! She is going to adjust good to 'er new home." The dad said. I soon found out that his name was David Smith. And his son's name was Jacob. Jacob then led me to my stall and gave me some fresh hay. This seemed like a good home,but nothing compared to the friend I had at my old home with Grace.

All I can think about is how she said that she would never let me go. How am I to respond to that? With anger towards her for betraying me? Forgiveness? Or just be sad that I lost a friend? I really don't know. I will try not to take it personal,but it's hard not too.

I soon went to sleep for the night. But the next morning was something else. "DAD! I want to ride HER!!"Said a young voice. "We do not know how she will react,Alexis. You are too young to be the first one to ride that horse. You will freeze and not know what to do." Mr. Smith said to his 9 year old daughter. "But, DAD!"Alexis complained. "No buts, I am not changing my mind. I will be the first one to ride that horse."Mr. Smith said firmly.

After a while, Mr. Smith decided to ride me. I really did not want him to ride me,for he was the one who took me away from my home. It will never feel like home here. Ever. He put the saddle on me but I just gave in and let him do what he was going to do. "She's a submissive horse." Mr. Smith said to his son. "Yes she is,Dad."Jacob replied. Soon he led me into the riding ring. Then he mounted onto me. Now that just crossed the line. I bucked him off. He tried to get back on but I bucked him off again. He could do what he wanted, but I was not going to let him ride me.

Jul 20, 2016
Part 4 please!
by: Sydney at

Why did they have to sell Stardust?

Jul 20, 2016
by: The Author

PLEASE comment for part 4!! Thanks guys!! ;)

Jul 18, 2016
The Life of a Horse - Part 3
by: The Author

After a while, we heard thunder. There was supposed to be a big storm-and I mean pouring rain, lightning, and strong winds. "I think there's a storm coming Stardust." Grace told me. "I think that we should find somewhere to stay."

That's the thing: We don't even know where we are. Then, we heard someone call again, "GRACE!! GRACE!! WHERE ARE YOU?!!" It was Grace's dad again. This time, he sounded even more worried. "I want to go to him sooo bad Stardust! But I will never let you go." Grace told me. She may say that she would never let me go, but that's not a promise. And that is what has haunted me my entire life. Grace then mounted onto me and we rode off even farther with the storm approaching fast.

"Stardust, I'm scared! How long are we going to do this?" Grace said to me. How should I know?! Was my thought. The storm was coming closer and closer. Really, WE were going INTO the storm. We were galloping towards the storm. Grace saw the storm in front of us and said, "Stardust, I can't do this. We have to go back." Go...back? Why would we GO BACK after all this? "Maybe dad will change his mind when he sees me at home!" Grace said cheerfully. She then turned me around towards home.

Soon, we met up with Grace's dad. "Grace!!! Is that you?!! Oh I'm so glad you're back!!" Her dad said as he ran towards us. "Dad? Are..we going to..sell...Stardust?" Grace said almost in tears. "We'll see. All that matters right now is that you're home." He said while giving her a hug. Soon, Grace mounted onto me and we rode home.

Once we got home, Grace untacked me and stayed with me afterwards for a while. "Stardust, Dad CAN'T sell you. You are MINE. Who will I ride for Dressage? That's why dad CAN'T sell you." Grace told me. She talked to me for a while, but all I was hearing was about how she would 'Never let me go'. Soon, I couldn't even understand here from all of her crying. It soon started to storm outside,but she stayed with me.

After the storm was over...

"Grace! It's time to come in now!" Called Grace's mother. "Coming Mom!" Grace yelled. "See you later Stardust." Grace said as she walked out of the stable. I started to fall asleep after that,and didn't know what was going to happen the next morning.

It was morning and Grace ran to my stall with tears streaming down her face. "NO! STARDUST! WHY YOU?!! WHY NOT TOFFEE OR ANY OTHER HORSE??!!" She cried. She spent some time with me after that, but soon, it was time to bring me to my new home. Grace was crying the entire time. Watching them load me into the trailer. It was hard to watch her like that. I wanted to run up to her and stay forever. I don't know what I'll do without her.


Jul 17, 2016
dont change anything!
by: claudiahorselovr

It's a totally awesome story!

Jul 14, 2016
The Life of a Horse - Part 2
by: The Author

Once we got to the stable, Grace and Alyssa untacked me and Toffee, then put us in our stalls. "Let's stay in here for a while so that we don't have to get any more wet than we already are!" I heard Alyssa say. "Yeah, that's a good idea. Let's go in the hayloft;I left my phone up there." Grace answered.

After they got up there, it felt like they would never come down! It had stopped raining a while ago,but they still haven't come down. "I think we should go in now." I heard Grace say. "Yeah, I think we should. I have to get going soon too." Alyssa replied. Then they went inside for about a half hour,then I heard a car drive away. Alyssa had just left and Grace went inside. I heard someone yell something inside,then Grace came out running with tears streaming down her face. She came up to my stall and said to me, "I will never let you go, Stardust!" I didn't know what she meant until tomorrow. Then I understood it all.

Grace came in early in the morning with her backpack and some apples-my favorite! Then she told me, "Stardust,we're running away. I can't give you up." Grace tacked me up and mounted up onto me.

We rode for a while until I did not know where we were. I do not think that Grace knew where we were either! We stopped for a break and she gave me an apple. She pulled out a sandwich for her and I started grazing on the grass.Grace soon fell asleep for a while and so did I.

We woke up to someone calling, "Grace! Stardust! Where are you?!" It was Grace's dad. "We have to go right now Stardust!" Grace told me as she got on and we started to gallop away. "I wonder how long he's been looking for us girl." Grace said as we slowed down a bit. "But we are never going back-if it means selling you." Then I got an adrenaline rush when she said that.!
Oh no,that is not happening. I then galloped as far as I could with Grace trying to hang on.

I finally stopped after a while calming down. "It's okay girl, we won't let that happen. I feel the same way,only with a bit more anger." Grace said to me with a smile. Then I took a drink from
a nearby pond and settled down.

That's all for now... tell me if you want more!

Jul 14, 2016
I like it
by: Haddie

Great job!

Jul 13, 2016
I love it!!
by: Beckiehorselover

I love your story so far! Part two please!! Please write more!!!!

Jul 12, 2016
Tell me what you think...
by: The Author

Tell me what you think about this story in the comments! Do you think that it needs a little...I don't know...suspense? Action? If so,part 2 will have a bit more of that! :)

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