The Legend of Matilda

by Remy



Matilda was the only horse rider in Jorvik many people thought horses were bad luck!!

"NO! I AM NOT GIVING UP MY HORSE!! Shouted Matilda. "Come on Storm, time to leave. This is no place for us! We're going to moorland, a horse club." They set off and traveled to Moorland.

"Welcome!" Said Thomas as Matilda rode through the gates. Matilda just smiled at him. "Well, you are an experienced rider, you should ride over to vale dale!" Said Thomas. Matilda did as she was told but then a tragedy happened.

Matilda rode across that bridge and fell when they found her and her horse... It was too late, Matilda was gone... Matilda's family heard of this and Matilda's mum said with a sob "the last she wanted was us to ride a horse... I think we should do as she said... For her."

The family learned how to ride a horse and they loved it! They were so happy they opened up Jorvik stables!! Horse riding is a tradition all over Jorvik and other states. They all called it Dawn of the horses.

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