The Horses of the Wanted Land - Part 1

by Cami



The Horses of the Wanted Land


The small office of Sargeant Geome also holds Officer Farnoff for a meeting.

"Seen anything suspisious so far?" Asked Sargeant Geome.

"Yes," Replied Officer Farnoff jokingly. "Lots of Portals and magic!"

"You think I'm ridiculous, don't you. I know there is a land, somewhere, somewhere out there, that we have not discovered yet."

Farnoff Chuckles. Angered, Sergeant Geome jumps out of his seat and leans over his desk.
"If you think this is so funny, then where are all those horses going to? Are they just dissolving into thin air?!

this county needs help, and if you aren't going to give it to them, I might as well fire you!"
"You aren't my boss!" Yells Farnoff. "You're just my partner! You are ridiculous, the horses
are probably just escaping into a forest or something. Stop talking about this place, it is not real!"

Sergeant Geome is silenced, proceeds to scribble on a notepad, and hands it to Farnoff. Fornoff stands up and reads the hand written note. Then, him too silenced, exits Sargeant Geome's office.
Meanwhile, in the distance, a gun shot is heard, and the silence is broken. "Were under ATTACK!" yells a stranger,
as a window shatters.

Everybody in the small office building gets low, and looks for a place to hide. In Texas, nothing is peaceful. Sargeant Geome, still annoyed, suddenly gets a feeling of courage, grabs his gun, and starts firing warning shots out of a broken window. He hears screams and yells as a shower of bullets falls upon him. He realizes
he is bleeding so he stops and hides behind the wall. His legs feel weak, and his body drops to the ground.

Hours later, there are people crying and screaming for help with firefighters, paramedics and Dallas police.

Chapter 1, A place to Love

"This is a Place called Medemuth. Medemuth is made up of many Villages. There is a King and Queen, and many Celestials who guard induvidual villages. The King is a Percheron named Quarthuad, and there is a Queen named Mirlah. The villages are Findui, the first village , Nienna the second, Salamar the third, Anwam, the fourth, and Fellowton, the Main village.

The celestials are:
SweetPea of Findui,
Buckle of Nienna
Moremmo of Salamar
Anna of Anwam,
and Celcia of Fellowton.
Any horse is welcome.
And that is youre Guide to Medemuth."

The newbie horses let out a whinny of joy and galloped off to their desired locations, whilst Teacher Beannie waited for another group to come.

The homes are laid beside a pathway which lead throughout the land, with a meadow behind them all. The homes are usually 18x18, bedded with hay, holding up to 3 horses each. There are over 1 million a village, and 5 million in

Payton, one of the many residents, died yesterday, the first to pass whilst in Medemuth, giving Quartuad and Mirlah a very bad feeling. Mortality was getting into Medemuth!

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Jan 12, 2013
by: Anon

Amazing story! Can't wait for part 2! Such detail! Loved it! You should write a book.

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