The Horse's Land

by Julianna
(Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

I love horses, ponies, zebras, quaggas (early stage of horses,) and Eohippuses (even earlier stage of horses) because they're just so darn useful and cute.

My heart melts when I see a horse grazing in a field. And it's also great that they can be ridden for pleasure and they can be used for cargo. Did you know that before cars, people used horses? Cool, right?

If it hadn't been for horses, women would never had had the right to vote. Want proof? Read RIDING FREEDOM! You'll love it.

If you have a horse and you're a shower, the only reason you might be rich is because you earn money from showing. And that's pretty much the horse's idea, isn't it?

I also love horses for their looks. They are just so cute! Soft manes, soft hair, fuzzy muzzle... all of these things are just... you know...

Now you know why I love horses!

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Dec 01, 2010
i know
by: Sydney

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