The horse life of me!

I guess I was born horse crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! For a little bit my favorite animal was a elephant. but now it is horses of course!!!!!

I go to a riding place and I have rode 2 horses there already. I have ridden Marie, and she is a wonderful pony!!! And the last time I went I rode Ozzie (or Ozzy) and he is the same. They are both very nice and they never buck.

The next time I go I will try to ride Angel (her other name is blue - eyed angel), who is a full size horse and i have not rode a full size horse!!!!!! She has blue eyes, that's how she got her name. I look at her in her stall when I go there. And I will be brave, a full size horse is sort of scary for me! I like ponies that are my size.

That is pretty much it. Goodbye readers!!!!

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