The Horse Fairies - Chapter 1

by Amy

A new day came to Fairyville. Even though the village was already buzzing with fairies, the sky was dark. That could only mean one thing: Winter was here.

Fern stepped out on her balcony that looked over the busy market. She looked up at the sky, still pitch black. The sweet smell of winterberry made her look away. "Winter has came to early this year." Fern finally spat out. She hoped the other fairies didn't hear her, especially Tinka, who loved winter more then anything. Fern jerked away from the balcony when she heard the sound of a horse. The black unicorn danced through the sky, his coat shining in the stars. "The black unicorn, run!" screeched a fairy. "Get your food out of sight, quick!" shouted another. The market was over...for now.

Violet sat down beside Fern. "And then it was gone..." Fern finished the story. "We have to be careful when it's night out. You never know what creatures are lurking in the shadows." Violet said with a mouthful of daisy seed pancakes. The haunting whinny of the black unicorn was now printed into every fairies mind. "I would hate to meet up with Mogu again, he pretty much poisoned Zyra." Fern crossed her arms, thinking of the good for nothing troll.

She reached for her tree sap juice. "I'm going to make my deliveries now. The village can't wait forever." Violet told her friend with a smile. She mounted Silver, the beautiful dapple grey Pegasus. With a stomp of hooves and whinny, the mare and Violet took off. It wasn't easy being the village mail fairy, but she could do it. Oden and his bay unicorn, Ace, landed at the cafe.

"Hey Fern!" he waved to her. Fern pulled out a chair for him to sit in. "How was the night patrol?" she asked. "I swear the trolls are planning something. Their camp was full of salt and black licorice." Oden replied as he handed the menu to a waiter. Fern looked up at SugarCube Mountain where the trolls made there home. "I hope they aren't trying to cause problems with the wild unicorns and Pegasus." she sighed.

Carissa flipped through the spell book with her Pegasus, Dyan, at her side. "There's no spell that contains salt or black licorice." she finally concluded. Fern was puzzled. "But why do the trolls have salt and black licorice all over their camp?" she asked. "The trolls like to be bitter. They don't grow jellybeans or gummies like us." Carissa replied, busily typing on her wooden computer.

The owl clock struck 12. "Time for book club! See you later!" she told Fern with a wave. Fern left the library. "I wish I knew what the trolls where up to." she said to her unicorn, Whirlwind. Fern mounted her steed, and they flew off.

"Here you go, Raven." Violet handed off a package. She flew off in search of her next delivery with Silver. "Hey, this one is for Fern!" Violet told Silver as the flew by SugarCube mountain. Some smoke rose in front of them. "What the?" she said as they flew through the smoke. The troll camp was filled with builder trolls, hammers, black licorice and salt.

Huge piles of orange berries surrounded the bitter troll camp. "Lets turn around. This scares me." Violet said, turning her Pegasus around with the reins. They finally landed at Fern's cozy home. "Hi Violet!" Fern said with a smile. "Package for you!" Violet handed over a lovely wrapped box to her best friend. Fern looked at Silvers wings. "Their covered in smoke and ash!" she squealed. "The trolls. There making orange berries with salt and black licorice." Violet sighed. "Suspicious." Fern muttered.

"Are you sure you'll be alright?" Oden asked again. Fern mounted her beautiful white steed, Whirlwind. "I'll be fine. This isn't my first time on night patrol." she said with a smile.

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