The Horse Dream

by Brooklyn
(Tampa, Florida)

I was going to get a new horse, and was excited. My Dad was driving, and my Mom had this exited look on her face. Whenever she got exited it usually spun out of control. Only usually.
“Hey mom, can I get a nice, bay pony?”
“Well, I’ll have to see about that. Charles, what about it?”
“What about it? We’ll see.”
I was astounded. Until I heard mom say this.
“You need to know Zoe, although I love your beautiful brown hair, and you’re so cute, with those, big blue eyes, but This is a horse only place. Unless you want a bigger version of your dream horse.”
“Sure, I guess.” I was so happy that I was getting a horse, it wouldn’t matter if you offered me a fun day at Manor city. As we pulled in the mile long driveway, I saw more horses and paddocks than you could count. Mom leaned back to look at me and smiled.
“You excited?” I didn’t respond. I just stared in awe as we pulled in the massive parking lot. It was the size of the grocery store parking lot. there were 10 pickup trucks.
“I bet they waste their money on this,” Mom said.
“Hello, ladies and gents, I am Mr. Hopper. I am glad to be of assistance. And you should see us in the summer. We are so full. We do summer camp here, and also we make a half off deal for the first week of summer.” His face was blue from talking without taking a breath.
“I would like a bay, maybe something good for her. I want a good, young one, but sound and well trained.”
“ I have a great few for you.” He led us into the barn were a bunch of different colored horses were. This is Sammy. He is three and is the most tamed and sound horse they're is. let me try ride him now. I got up on him and Started.
Honey, Be careful. And I went into in empty field and cantered. I closed my eyes and stetted out my arms. He was the dream horse. And then I whispered to him,

I love you

Remember, you should love your horses, now, and forever.

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Jun 18, 2020
You guys are soooo lucky!
by: Brooklee

I have always wanted a horse. But we don't live on a ranch or have enough room. We do still have a couple pets! A dog and chickens! I will always dream of a horse.

May 05, 2020
by: HorseLover

The same thing happened to me, I had a dream horse, an Appaloosa quarter horse flea bitten grey. I could not believe my eyes when I saw her just standing there. Now she lets me run up to her and throw my arms around her, she doesn't even spook.

Apr 21, 2020
by: Anonymous

Omg that story is so full of love 💕!! You are my inspiration!!

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