The First Storm

by Aspen F
(Wy (USA))

The First Storm

The First Storm

Hey guys :(

Sorry I've been gone, remember back when things couldn't possibly get worse, well, you guessed it, they did, and I've really stopped drawing for some time now!

However, to stop the stress, I paint, and here is a new oil painting I did, called "The First Storm."

A bull elk, climbing a snowy hill, you can almost smell the wet bark, and hear the little snow birds singing!

It's done with oil.

Please comment, I miss you guys :( I'll try to post more often, and yes, I'll post a horse drawing or painting next time.

Thank you!

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Mar 16, 2021
Thank you: HorseyGirlInTheCity
by: Aspen F

HorseyGirlInTheCity what a lovely comment, thank you so much, I really needed it :)

Mar 15, 2021
So Beautiful
by: HorseyGirlInTheCity

I absolutely love this painting! I also love to draw, and watercolor. I think that this painting is extemely beautiful and serene. Love it!

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