The Filly from Snowy River

by hoofbeats

Here is a poem that I've written about a young filly who only lives in my imagination right now. I will hopefully write many more and they will basically tell her story and adventures.


The Filly from Snowy River

The wild filly roams
Where the snowy river flows
Her heart is always free
'Cause she's a wild brumby.

She runs in the breeze,
Flying it almost seems
At the scent of other horses her nostrils do quiver
She's the filly from snowy river.

Her coat shines like the sun
While through the sun set she does run
Her mane flows like silk
'Cause she's the filly from snowy river.

I need a name for the filly so please go ahead and give me all you've got!

The Adventures of Joey Hunter: The Filly From Snowy River (Book One)

Meet the Characters:

Misty - one of the main characters. She is a palomino filly with four stockings and a stunning blaze running down the center of her face.

Joey Hunter or Joe for short - The second main character, he lives with his family in the Snowy Mountains.

Summer Skies or Summer for short - Misty's mother. She is also the lead mare of her herd.

Blue Legend - one of Misty's best friends. He is also Joey's trusty bay mountain horse.

Freedom's Call- Misty's father.

Chapter One

Wind howled through the cracks and crevices of the rocky cliffs as a brumby mare lay in a warm and sheltered cave near Mist Falls.

She shifted herself to lick her new born foal, a beautiful palomino filly. "I'll name you Misty because you were born near Misty falls," she nickered.

A boy of about 16 years of age sat in the corner. He gently stood up and crept over to the palomino mare, "Good job Summer Skies."

Misty: I snuggled into the warm sand as I leaned against my mother's side, "Misty, try to stand up" Summer encouraged.

I looked up at her. It felt to comfortable down here. But with a firm nudge from my mother I made up my mind to obey.

I struggled with my front legs and then my back ones. I fell into a crumpled heap on the sandy floor. It took me three more tries until I finally stood on my wobbly legs.

My mother and I stayed in Misty Valley for about three days until she became anxious to be under the protection of my father with the rest of my herd.

I was sad to leave the bubbling brooks, the cheery bird songs and the peacefulness of Misty Valley, but I soon discovered that natures song was playing all over the Snowy Mountains.

My wise mother led the way through the bush. I noticed that she went so quietly, this made me wonder why. So I asked her.

"My mother taught me to go silently through the bush because we palomino horses are prized by the bush men. I will teach you as long as you keep it as a life-long weapon against the bush men."

"Sure I will!" So she gave me my first lesson on how to walk silently. Of course there was much needed practice but with patience I learned the first steps.

After some time I became very tired, so under Summer's suggestion we stopped at a small but clear creek. I began to sip the refreshing water but I was startled to see another horse in the creek. I jumped back in fright.

"No honey. Everything is fine." Summer nickered, "It's only your reflection in the water!"

"Oh," I said realizing my dumb mistake.

I looked again, my reflection showed again.

Suddenly I noticed how pretty I looked. I couldn't help but admire myself.

Soon we were on our way. But soon a howl sounded in the distance.

What was that? I panicked looking at my mother.

Please comment to tell me if you want more or if there are things that I can improve my writing with! Thanks for reading!

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Sep 03, 2017
Cool name!
by: Hoofbeats

Hey! That's a great name! I've already named the filly Misty but her BFF could be called Dove...

Thanks for sharing!

Aug 18, 2017
Name That Filly
by: Anonymous

I think that Dove would be a great name for the filly!!!

Jul 06, 2017
The Filly from Snowy River
by: hoofbeats

So about my new book that will be coming out in a few weeks, here are the series names that will come after "The filly from snowy river"!

Series name: The adventures of Joey Hunter
Book 1. The Filly from Snowy River
Book 2. Freedom is Calling
Book 3. Into the Wind

I will be sure to let you know when I name the next books!

I can't wait to share the first part of Misty's adventures!

I will soon make the teaser available to you guys so it gets you even more excited!

Please enjoy! :)

Jun 26, 2017
by: hoofbeats

Wow! I didn't know I was going to get comments on this! But thanks guys, these comments really made me smile. Thanks so much for all those names!

I have decided to name the filly, Misty or Mist for short, partly because it would suit a brumby and it's wild spirit and 'cause you both chose very similar names that I love!

It won't just be poems that I will be writing about Misty I will also write a story about her and her herd through her eyes.

The story will come out in August, same as The Wild Flame and Paruku Island (for those who may not know, that is a new story that I'm writing about a horseless girl called Lisa Hardy. See "Horse questions anyone?" to read teaser.)

Thanks again! And please enjoy!

Jun 22, 2017
by: Haddie

This is good hoofbeats! I like this filly already! I enjoy naming horses, so here you go:

Tilly the Filly :)

Jun 22, 2017
by: CC

That poem is so beautiful. It makes me happy actually :).

I think you should name the filly:
Moon Dancer

That's all I got maybe later I might think of more.

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