The Ebony Stud Ltd

by anne

Our Horses!!

Our Horses!!

Hello And Welcome To The Ebony Stud!! Here At The Ebony Stud We Have Stables, Lockers,Feilds,Arenas,Livery Ect..! So Why Not Come Down To Heseldon (Hartlepool) And Visit Us!!!

Thanks For Looking
The Ebony Stud Ltd!!

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Nov 04, 2013
by: Leah & Pepsi

I think that the stables are awesome. I had a horse there called Pepsi and my instructor for ma lessons is awesome.

Nov 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

it's mint come down now!!!!!!

Nov 18, 2011
by: ....

i love the lessons now there's a new instructor!!!!

Jul 14, 2011
riding lessons
by: A horsecrazy rider

I think that riding lessons are good,, but they sometimes confuse me.. cause when the instructor tells me what to do,, she moves on to a completely different thing, like 1.) walk..2.) jump,, and I mean i haven't really warmed up properly and she's expecting me to jump at the first time.

I wanna give riding lessons when I leave school, I have already gave quite a few out already and I'm only 15!! If you are interested in getting lessons at a good age.. then come along too....


Jul 05, 2011
by: maii oram

Heyah peeps..! if yuu are looking tuu get riding lessons, why not come down tuu this farm, The Ebony Stud Ltd. It has loads of horses and it has toilet facilities, fields, an arena ect..!

Jun 24, 2011
by: maii oram

Omg this farm is amazing you must come down and have a look !!!!

Aug 20, 2009
by: eden&petra

i have a pony at at ebony stub and i luv it. i hav loads of friends we luv going on hacks. i would suggest this farm to anyone looking for a place to keep their horse/pony!!!!♥

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