The Diary of a Horse Crazy Girl

by AHorseLovingGirl

What would you find in a horse crazy girl's diary? I'm Emily, and this is my horse crazy diary.

June 1st

Dear diary (I feel awkward writing that but whatever),

I just got this diary a week ago, for my birthday. So I decided to give it a try! I feel a bit weird writing "dear diary" in the beginning, because it's kinda weird to be talking to a piece of paper, but mom said that I'll get used to it (who knows when that is!). But here is a little bit about myself.

I am 14 (since last week) and I live in Kentucky. I ride at a stable here, that is called, "The Pine's Stable". I love horses. I mean, I LOVE HORSES! Sorry, I'm writing with a pen so I can't erase my mistakes (which that was a HUGE mistake!).

I have a little sister (better than a brother) and she is only 3. I really hope that she grows to be horse crazy, as that would be amazing.

Horses are my life. I don't have many horse crazy friends so I'm a bit lonely in the horse world. Horses are my best friend! I ride a horse named Dreamer. She is a chestnut Arabian. I love her soooo much!! We are best friends! We just had a riding lesson together yesterday, and my riding instructor says we make a great team! That's all for today.

See ya,

June 3rd

Dear diary (I still feel awkward saying that),

I didn't feel like writing yesterday so here I am today. But I can always talk about horses. Nothing much going on, that's why I'm pretty bored right now. The only reason why I am writing right now is because I'm bored. But anyway, tomorrow I'm going to a sleepover at my friend Amber's house. She rides at my stable, so that's what I know her from. We are good friends, I would say. Well, better get packing.


June 6th

Dear diary (eh...still awkward),

I just got back last night from the sleepover and it was so fun! We stayed up until 1 o'clock in the morning! We watched a movie and had popcorn! It was a horse movie, and we played (I know...I'm 14. But I can still "play") with her model horses!! She has A. LOT. I wish I had so many! I do have a lot, but she has A LOT compared to me. We played games, talked about horses, did some girl talk, and so much more! I am going to my next lesson today, and I'll tell you about it once I get back. Got to go.

See ya,

June 7th

Dear diary (whatever),

The lesson went great yesterday!! I learned to canter, and did some balancing tricks. Amber did great too! It was really fun!! I guess writing in a diary isn't too bad... as long as I write about horses that is!

My room has horse posters all over it, and I like (I mean love) to draw horses, so my walls have a lot of drawings of horses on them. I'm glad that this diary has a picture of a horse on the cover! I really like it. My aunt got it for me. I am glad she did too! She could have gotten me something for drawing, or another book, but she got me a diary! I'm actually kinda liking this! Got to go eat breakfast.


June 8th

Dear diary (I'm used to it),

I don't feel awkward anymore writing "dear diary"!! I guess it's more normal now. But anyway, I want to start show jumping on Dreamer! I asked mom and she said that it would be okay. I don't think that is actually what she thinks though! It looks fun to me! Mom probably thinks it's to dangerous... and I don't even want to know what Dad would say about it! Amber already has decided that she is going to do show jumping on her horse, and I think that I could do it too! I will keep writing in this diary for sure! But for now, that's all!

Emily <3

Keep a look out for more to come!

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Dec 16, 2016
Sisco's Gal
by: Anonymous

I'm Sisco's Gal, also from girls horse club and I nickered on this yesterday. I love it!

Dec 10, 2016
by: hoofbeats10

I can't wait for more!

Oct 13, 2016
Hey Sierra!
by: AHorseLovingGirl

Thank you!! And just wanted to say that my real name isn't Emily... I just liked that name and decided to use it for this instead of mine.

Oct 11, 2016
Hey Emily
by: Heartbeat for horses

Great blog! I'm Sierra from girls horse club by the way! I already nickered there! Bye!

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