The Big Bay Aztec Warrior~ part 1

by Larkin
(Mississippi )

Photo credit: Sponchia via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: Sponchia via I'd Pin That

I didn't land on the other side of the log with my horse under me. I sat up and waited for my eyes to become clear again. For a moment I was all kinds of confused but then it hit me. The sound I heard while flying through the air. It was a big thud. What was it! A million thoughts ran though my head before I had the guts to turn around. Nothing I had just thought of prepared me for this.

Everything became blurry again. My eyes began to sting from the tears filling them. My ears started to ring and I could't hear a word my mom was trying to say to me. All I could think of was my horse's body laying mangled on the ground.... dead.


*It has been 4 weeks since Midnight died and I haven't said a word to anyone. My mom keeps trying to get me to talk but I won't and she can't make me. My friends are worried about me. I don't even think my crush knows that anything is wrong. It's not like he cares about me. My teachers always ask me questions in class to try to make me speak even though they are perfectly aware of my problem. Everyone is really getting on my nerves.*

I heard a soft knock on my door. I quickly minimized the screen of my online diary. (No one knows I have it. It is where I put my feelings and secrets.) I whirled around in my spinny chair as my mom opened my door. She looked at me sympathetically," Do you want something to eat for supper?" I just sat and stared at her blankly. Her face turned sad. She has gotten a lot more wrinkles in the past few weeks. I suspect it is from stress. She walked out of my room and went into the kitchen. I stood up to go to my window. It gives me comfort these days.

I felt a presence behind me. I looked over my shoulder at my sister staring at me in the doorway. She has been angry at me for a while now. "You are so selfish Izzy! Mom is trying to help you but you won't say a dang thing and you are making everyone either sad or angry or something. You need to snap out of it and get back into the real world." Elena stomped into her room and slammed the door behind her. I jumped at the sound. I have heard that lecture ten times before. I look up to my big sister so it hurts me when she is mad at me but I refuse to speak!


My mom knows the reason why I won't speak. This also means that she thinks a horse will make it better. She always bothers me about getting a new one but I roll my eyes and turn away. I heard a dodge truck coming down the driveway one morning. I think of horse trailers when I hear dodges. I think it is because we use to haul horse trailers with our dodge. I jumped out of bed at the thought of the horse trailer. For a moment I forgot that my horse for 10 years was dead and I was depressed. I froze once I came to realization. I didn't want anyone to know I was awake and jumping around. I never move fast anymore. A dodge with a horse trailer did show up. It stopped in my driveway. I saw the trailer shaking like crazy. It scared me at first. I saw my mom and dad walk out to the horse trailer. A scruffy man got out of the truck and they talked for a minute. The man walked around to the back of the trailer and opened it.

I was speechless (well if I ever talked I would be speechless) at what came out of the trailer. A huge bay stallion with long wavy black mane and tail and four black socks up to his knees came thundering out. He went into a full on rear the moment all of his feet hit the gravel. His beauty astonished me. I new that this horse was for me and I new exactly what his name would be....Aztec.

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Dec 29, 2014
by: Sydney from

Great story - looking forward to more! (I had to replace the photo because I need to use photos we have permission to print.)

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