The Best Horse Girl in the World

by Ashley
(Brisbane Qld Australia)

Because Horses are the best animals in the world they are beautiful, fun to ride and pepple can do amazing things with them. but I'm against the whole "lets break the horse in by jumping in on and make it buck kick and jump till it listens" thing it's so horrible to do to such a wonderful creature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mar 13, 2009
by: horselover

I think you are totally right. how could somebody do that to a creature

well bye


Oct 05, 2008
Oh, yeah!
by: Windcall

I totally agree with you, Ashley! I simply could not let ANYBODY in my range of vision do that to a horse. Nope, just couldn't and wouldn't let them do anything more!

If you want to read anything I've submitted, feel free to check out "Dreamer: Windcall's Page 1." My pages continue to the most recent, Page 7 (on Quintro). Hope to hear more from ya!

Windcall *:-)

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