The Best Day With Diva

by Brenda D.
(oklahoma city)

me and diva at ranch

me and diva at ranch

It was my mare diva and my anniversary 1 year together and i tried to make this day a very special day that i would remember when ever i was with her. So i planned to go on a trail with my friend-girls that had ponies horses so we all when with our four legged friends to my cousins house alexis her family own a ranch with 123 acres.

We passed through a little path covered with lots of trees and grass. We rode for 35 minutes until we got to this big field field with trees and alot of green grass.The horses really loved it by the grass. Diva was really happy i could notice we would gallop all over.

We kept on going and we all notice a baby Deer and a mom Deer. We tried not to make alot of movements or sounds so we wouldn't scare them away. We rested by a little bay the horses drank lots of water and we all ate sandwiches and juice. We got a move on back home so we all decided to ask permission to have a sleep over at alexis ranch and sleep in the stables in our sleeping bags.

That day was the best day diva and i could ever have together.

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