the bad horse show of rusty and boo the horse

by taylor

one day there was a horse named boo and there was a girl named rusty she was thanking of a horse show of her on but she was thanking of all the people the would come but on a summer day she asked her mom and dad and her mom and dad shad the would be a great and she shad but i need some words and stuff to go what this show and and so they went to the story and wan they got back the horse was a sleep and they sad they would have the horse show on friday and that day came and that day she made up some words for the show and it started at 12:32 that morning 123 people came and there where cops and other people and she started at 12:36 and that day she for got her words and it was the bad show and that day she cry and cry d but 2 months mast it was Christmas she made a wish and than it was Christmas and you now what her wish came true and she made a horse show and she loved it and that day 165 people came and it was the best day the
the end !!!

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by: Anonymous

um..... its supposed to be real stories, isnt it?

i cant read it, no offense

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