That Wild One

by Ami
(America's Southern States)

Photo credit: Public Domain Pictures via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: Public Domain Pictures via I'd Pin That

It was June 7th. My Aunt had just agreed last week that we could get him. The love of my life. That wild love of my life. His name was Sargent. We found him online in the Mustang Association.

We lived in Montana. Only once in a while the lucky ones would just barely get a glimpse of the herd that lived in the valley. Just Barely..

It was Sunday morning, and it was 10:15. " Come on, Lily. Get a move on! We gotta be at church in 10 minutes!" said my Aunt Lacey. " I'm coming! One last thing."

I was wearing a nice over-shirt and a white tank-top, with a knee-length jean skirt and my boots. The dressy ones. The dark brown and teal ones. I don't wear makeup so I just brushed my hair and hopped into her 55 Chevy pick-up. On the way to church I spotted a dappled buckskin in a round pin.

"Aunt Lacey? Is it possible that I can have a mustang of my own?" I just had to ask. " Lily, I know I live on a ranch and all but you have to find the one that clicks! The one that you truly want."

I rolled my eyes. Mentally. "Aunt Lacey, I did! I found Sargent. He's a wild 3 1/2 year old just 45 miles from here! Bay dappled, and a white sock on his front left pastern. He sells for only 1,250. He is all sorts of breeds mixed to make the ultimate mustang! Please?"

Only then did she seem to think about it. "I will talk about it after church, okay? Think you can last that long?" She half-smiled. "Yes! One-million times yes!" By the time we had talked about it all, we were in the church parking lot. I eagerly jumped out of the truck and waited for her to catch up.

After church was over, I jogged to the truck and waited for her to unlock it and get in. " So, I thought about Sargent. If you have enough money saved up, we will see about adopting him from the association."

I had tears rolling down my cheeks and dropping on my boots as I hugged and thanked her." On one condition. You work in the barn, with the ranch hands and with me until you and I can pay it off together. Now, how about some cornbread, corn and beans, and some roast beef for lunch then homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert?" It tasted better than it sounded to me...

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