That certain day......

by Zoe

Before I start, I have loved horses all my life. I am 12 now and I have been riding since I was 6. Before I walked I loved horses. I have always and will always love horses forever and ever!

The car pulled to a stop. My 6 year old self pictured me galloping along on a stunning white Arabian as I ran toward the barn for my very first horse back riding lesson!

My teacher came out and told me I was riding a pony named mult. She went inside the barn and came out with a pinto colored pony. He was wearing tack and stared at me with big soft brown eyes. From that moment my life would change forever.

So, it's not a cliff hanger I'm gonna tell you more. I have ridden at three different barns. At my first barn where I had my first lesson I was pushed to do things I wasn't ready to do so I became afraid.

Then I came to my second barn which gave me my courage back but I was only walking, trotting, and cantering.

The third barn was where I learned a lot. There I learned to jump 2 feet 9 inches. I am doing all kinds of things there and getting better every time.

Now, sadly, one day coming home from school my mom looked at me with sad eyes and told me that mult had crossed the rainbow bridge.

It was heartbreaking but right there I thanked horses and my love of horses for bringing me so far. This has been an amazing journey and remember, NEVER STOP LOVING HORSES!!!!!

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Nov 01, 2011
rok on!
by: Anonymous

awww what a sweet and sad story. and NEVER STOP LOVIN HORSES!!!

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