Thanks but - not thanks!

by Sue

bad actually, far far too much reading to start off with - and I'm adult. So it's a complicated game, doesn't mean it can't be put in simple terms over several different subject headings rather than one huge page you have to hunt for.

A lot of their basic horse breed facts are wrong (Connemaras do NOT come in dun, it's buckskin for instance) be warned if you're relying on this to 'expand your knowlege' and basically it's extremely complicated and moves like a snail to start with. Ok it's a game but who rides a new broke horse at a gallop first out? I hate that if you're new and kill your horse by accident you have to pay money to revive it (hey that's a great way to get readies eh? make it complicated so folks'll kill the first horsee then get them to have to pay to revive it!)

Thanks but no thanks, I'll stick with the real ones!

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