Tell Me The Truth - Chapter One

by Grace K

Tell Me The Truth Chapter one.

Mia stared blankly out of the car window as it drove down the long dirt paths. She sighed unhappily, she didn't want to leave. She missed her cosy room that was decorated with posters of beautiful horses, she missed her horse crazy friends and most of all she missed Sundance.

Sundance was Mia's gorgeous pintaloosa mare, she and Mia had a special connection and now she was gone. Sold to another owner, scared confused and lonely. Mia fought back the salty tears that were welling up in her dark brown eyes. Why did her dad have to get another job? He was perfectly fine working at his old company anyway...

"Are you alright honey?" Mia's mother asked quietly, Mia ignored her and looked away. She watched her home, her horse and her life disappear before her eyes as they started through the countryside.

After a long car journey Mia felt sick to her stomach. It wasn't unusual though, Mia often felt carsick. She thought of Sundance whinnying desperately, calling out to her wondering where she had gone, why she had left. Mia bit her lip and tried hard to think of something else. Maybe she would get another horse! But she didn't want another horse. She wanted Sundance.

When Mia and her parents arrived at their new house it was already sunset. The sky had turned a soft pink color, the moon was already glowing brightly in the night sky. Mia snooped around her new home, first she looked around the garden. She was secretly thrilled to find acres of farmland and pastures behind the medium sized blue house, but she was determined not to let her parents see her happiness. After all, she was well and truly mad and them.

The inside of 72 Stallion's Lane was surprisingly big, Mia found her self marveling at the many rooms and large windows that looked onto the pastures and forests. Her room was a spacious place on the second floor that had a wonderful view of the paddocks. Mia smiled as she was her fingers across the pony wallpaper. She had a pretty horse blanket and pillow, and even a horse chair! She took her suitcase from the car and started to put up her horse posters. Maybe moving wouldn't be so bad after all! She set up her Breyer horse stables and collapsed on her bed, exhausted from the long sad day.

That night Mia dreamed of a strange but stunning palomino mare. The mare was galloping madly through the forests, until somehow she came to a horse sale. She saw the pretty mare fade into a starved and abused little thing, that seemed to have never been loved. Then Sundance came, nuzzled the mare then left. When Mia woke she was so confused from the weird events in her dreams that she couldn't fall back asleep.

Instead she sat on the floor, playing with her many model horses. Each one had a name, and her family were astounded at how she could remember them all. Her parents hadn't spoken to her much since they told her about the move though, and in return Mia ignored every word they happened to say. Only then did it occur to her that her parents might be hiding something from her...

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Jun 09, 2016
by: Anonymous

My imaginary horse is a Palomino mare named SunDance. Please finish this story so that I can find out about this Palomino.

Jan 16, 2016
by: Crazyhorselover

Wow, please make chapter 2!

Jun 04, 2013
so great
by: Anonymous

can't wait to see the next part!!!!!!!!

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