Talk about a colorful personality!

by A horse owner

I got this pony last year. She was white and her name is Kenzie.

I had Kenzie for 3 years until I grown out of her.
Before I MOVED ON I BEGGED AND BEGGED my parents to do one last horse show with her. They agreed and brought the pony to the vet to make sure she was good since I hadn't done a competition with her in such a long time.

They took her into a stall and looked at her. I waited a while until the vet said she was OK. She had also mentioned that there was a little accident there. The vet was about to check her teeth when her elbow hit two paint cans on one of the shelves and my pony's mane turned green and pink!

We scrubbed and scrubbed but we couldn't get it clean so we entered my colorful pony in a show jumping competition. And guess what? Thanks to her colorfulness we won first place!!!

THE END!!!!!

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Made me smile
by: Kylie

That made me smile. :) Very funny and cute!

by: Bailey

Lolz that is so cute and congrats

by: TheCougar

lol, love it! what discipline did you ride her in a test for?

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