Taking Chances

by Wild n' Free

Chapter One

A wave of anticipation hits me as I enter the jumper ring."Entering the ring now is Julianna Wilson on her 8 year old warmblood gelding,Taking Chances" the announcer says. The crowd cheers as I ask Chance for the canter.

"We've got this buddy" I say as we canter towards the first jump,a blue oxer. We finish the last stride and he jumps it without hesitation. Excitement fills me as we leap over the double combination and canter towards the next jump. We finish the jumps cleanly and come towards the final jumps,a tricky triple combination.

"Come on Chance we can do it," I whisper putting my trust in my mount. We pop over the first jump like it's a cross rail and canter strongly towards the middle jump. We jump it cleanly and come towards the last jump in the combination.

With a mighty leap Chance clears it cantering away from the jump,his head held high."Good boy!" I say giving him a huge pat as I slow him to a walk."A beautiful round for Julianna and her horse Taking Chances!" the announcing says and the crowd cheers.

I let out my reins and throw my arms around Chance. We were well on the way to the Olympic eventing team,and I give all the credit to my best friend.

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Mar 10, 2018
that's so cool!
by: stardust

That is so good! I just got down reading chapter two of The Lost Horse. It's really good! you should go check it out!

Mar 08, 2018
Really good!
by: Ali

That is really good, keep going! You are Really talented. Good job, make sure to keep writing!

Dec 28, 2017
this is an awesome story!
by: amy

I love it! Keep going!

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