by Emilee
(Ohio, USA)

Hey, my names Emilee and this is my story.

Ever since I could talk horses have been my passion! When I visited my cousin's I would make my parents stop and let me out to take pictures of the horses down the street from her house.

I go to horse camp every year and nothing will every make me stop loving horses. Except.... a couple years ago I was diagnosed with something call PKD, a kidney disorder. My brother has it as well. My parents said it would weaken me and with treatment I couldn't ride. I had to go to my trainer and explain all this to her. It broke my heart!!

I love the horse I rode, her name was Rosie. She was a amazing jumper and could gallop faster than any stallion. She was a grey and white quarter horse! I loved her so much, and now I had to stop riding her.

My trainer told me I could have one last ride with her. So I took her to our favorite spot, far from everyone by a lake we called Lost Lake, due to a legend about a runaway horse that every year on September 19 would come back and show itself, although the legend starts decades ago we still believed!

Me and Rosie were on a rock over the water. I was looking over the water when my foot started to slip. The fall from the rock to the water was almost 40 feet. I started to fall when all of a sudden Rosie reached down and grabbed my shirt. She kept trying to pull me back but it wasn't working. I yelled as loud as I could but nobody heard me.

She finally pulled me over to a safe place on a rock. By now it was getting dark and when I went to get on Rosie to ride back to the stables I noticed she was limping. Her front hoof had gotten a nail stuck in it and she couldn't walk on it. I didn't want to pull it out because I didn't want it to get really infected.

It was about an hour back and I didn't want to risk it in the woods. So I laid down to get some sleep. When I woke up Rosie was laying down and she had a fever, I was scared and worried. I kept yelling until I heard my trainer Lisa and my parents. They hugged me and told me how much they were worried about me.

I told them about Rosie saving my life and how she was sick. They called the vet and we walked her back to the stables. With her having a fever and a nail in her foot anything could happen. When we got the vet to look at her she was diagnosed with colic.

They got the nail out of her foot and wrapped it up. We were given shots to give her daily. I stayed with her over the next few days sleeping in the barn. When Rosie became well it was time for me to go to treatment.

I had to leave Rosie who saved my life and go to the hospital. When I healed from treatment I went to visit Rosie, we were both well and I could ride again. Rosie saved my life and I love her more than words can say. We are both Survivors!!! <3 Rosie, MY 3 year old school horse.

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Jan 07, 2014
by: Gypsy Vanner girl

That's amazing God had his hand in it all I'm soooo glad you and Rosie survived and are OK!!!!! :-)

Apr 03, 2012
Storys on the way!!
by: Emilee Davis

Hey everybody, I haven't been on in awhile because I got a concussion and soccer and have been in the hospital but I'm getting better and have been released!! I haven't been riding in awhile and I'm allowed to ride today!! I'll post comments on how everything goes!!!(: thanks for everyone who comments and reads my story! If you want to know more about me and my horses you can send me your email address and I can email you!!(:

Apr 01, 2012
by: Katie

if you don't mind, could you post some of the stories that you guys went thru? Thanks!

Mar 13, 2012
by: Emilee

Me and Rosie are doing very well!! She is being kept at my friends stables right now about an hour away but I still ride her all the time!! Right now I'm riding two male quarter horses named Randy and Riley. Let me know if you would like me to post story's about our adventures we have TONS!!! Thanks everyone for all your support!!!(:

Mar 12, 2012
by: lucinda

wow that's an amazing story!

Mar 12, 2012
Best friends:)
by: Anonymous

That's amazing em, :) I go To The same stables as Emilee and we are best friends. my horse Lightning and her horse Rosie are the best of friends:) just as we are:)

Mar 12, 2012
that is amazing!!
by: Katie

you are so lucky that you were on a horse that would save you like that!! I hope that both you and her are doing well!! GREAT story!!

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