Sure As Shootin' - Part 1

by Anonymous

Raindrops fell softly outside my window. I was a jockey. Racing was my life. Until my beautiful black gelding, Shooting Star, died of a cannon bone accident. I still blamed myself for his death. His end caused no more ridding for me. I believed that there was not a better horse in the world.

After six months I still would not leave my house except to go to school. Homeschooling would be ideal, but I didn't have the guts to say anything about it to my Mom or Dad. In fact I didn't have the guts for anything any more.

“Can I come in?” My Mom asked through the door.

“Sure.” I yelled back. The door squeaked as she opened it. Mom cleared her throat.

“Brooke, I know you miss Star. I also know that deep down inside you miss riding.” She pushed my long ebony hair out of my eyes.

“I propose that you you take a lesson tomorrow morning.” Although her voice held complete gentleness I knew that it wasn't my choice.


“Thank you honey.” Mom whispered.

After she left I curled up on my blue bed and looked at my silvery walls. “I just don't know if I’ll be able to stand being around other horses without my Shooting Star.” Then I gazed at the poster of a jockey. I had ripped it when my beautiful boy died.

My alarm bleeped loudly. “Arrg.” Teenagers like me had a perfect right to sleep in on Saturdays. I rolled over and rubbed my sleepily green eyes. I grabbed a pair of blue jeans and a blue t-shirt.

I stepped out of the car and smelled fresh rain and horse. When my Mom drove away I crept into the barn. Then I noticed a new, Palomino, thoroughbred, horse laying in the shadows. I peered into the dark stall. I noticed her cannon bone was broken. I was sure as shootin’ that this girl wasn't going to make it.

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Dec 29, 2014
Part 3
by: Elisabeth

"Thank you," I wasn't sure of the vet's name.

"Brown. Matthew Brown." He answered me.

"Well in that case, thank you Mr. Brown." I said.

"Your welcome!" Mr. Brown said with a Texas accent. I scratched the palomino on the withers, smiled, and almost skipped back to Lindy.

"Ya know that Krissie is over there working on training her new filly." Lindy said implying that
I should go make up with her.

"Oh! Okay." I replied bitting my lip while frowning. I walked super slowly over to Krissie. I was a bit nervous so I did something I had not done in a long time. I prayed under my breath. I liked people to like me so, I hoped Krissie would like me. She noticed me as soon I walked over to her.

"H-hey." I greeted her anxiously.

"Brooke!" She threw the halter and lead she was trying to put on her filly's head and rushed over to me.

"You have no idea how much I missed you!" Krisse replied throwing her arms around my neck.

"Really?" I blinked twice, "You mean that?"

"Most assuredly!"

"Well then, what your new filly's name." I smiled, glad that both my very best friends had accepted me back into their lives.

"Misty. Do you know why?"

"Uh... because you loved the book Misty of-

"No!" Krissie cut me off, "I named her Misty because when I saw the color of her brown fur I thought of you. I couldn't exactly name my horse after my best friend 'cause that would be confusing! So I thought of water since your name is Brooke, so that caused Misty."
"Alright," I smiled, "Let's get a halter on this filly!" I motioned for Lindy to help. She grinned came right over to us.


"Hey, guys!" I ran to the tack room where Lindy and Krissie stood rubbing saddle soap onto their dry saddles.

"What!" My new, old friends exclaimed at the same time.

"Well," I replied slowly, "My parents said that if stared racing again they would buy a horse. So the horse I picked out was the palomino thoroughbred. The one that broke her cannon bone!

"Awesome!" Lindy said.

"Sure as shootin' awesome!" Krissie agreed.
"So what are you going to name it." Lindy questioned.

"Exactly what Krissie said." I replied.

"Awesome or sure shootin'." Krissie said.

"Sure as Shootin'!" I said with confidence.

Dec 29, 2014
Part 2
by: Elisabeth

On Monday morning my throat felt like it had a hair ball in it. Then I failed math I tried my very best, but of course it wasn't good enough. In my mind I broke my pencil and threw it all the way across the room.

Later I fell asleep during Geography, found out that the new P.E. Teacher was a nightmare, threw up in lunch because of the mystery meat, and was one point away from failing Science. The only subjects I liked were History and Writing.

After school I whipped out my iPhone and quickly punched in the number of my mom's cell phone. When she didn't answer I left a voice mail that sound like this:

"Um mom I'll be back for dinner around six. I won't be to um... answer my phone till I come back. Uh... g-good bye I-I-I guess."
Okay so sometimes I stutter... okay a lot. I rode my bike as fast as I could to North Houston Horse Park. I smiled when Caterpillar ( the oldest pony) nickered. I hopped off my bike and winked at Quincy one of the sweetest ponies ever. For the first time in for ever I laughed. I laughed at all the horses that I hadn't cared to look at on Saturday.

My mom was right, I missed all my old horse pals. I had been prideful, selfish, and stubborn. I didn't visit Studded with Silver ( the horse before Shooting Star). Then I remembered why I had come. I dashed to the stable. When the palomino filly wasn't there. I slowly walked up to my old friend Lindy.

"Ummmm... w-w-where i-is new filly g-g-gone?" Then I realized that I didn't used to stutter.

"OMGOODNESS! Girl where have you been!!!!!!!!!!!" Lindy cried as she squeezed the living day lights out of me.

"Uh hi." Then I blinked back tears. Lindy still liked me!

"I believe the palomino racing horse is with the vet. He's checking out her cannon bone." I dashed over to the vet.

"Will she be alright?" I said without stuttering.

"I'm sure as Shootin' that with the right time and care she'll be just fine."

Sep 18, 2014
Thank you!!!
by: Elisabeth (Writer of Sure As Shootin')

Thank you all for the encouraging comments! This was my very first horse story and I am glad y'all liked it!

Aug 25, 2014
by: Anonymous

Amazing, I really can't wait to see what happens next. Please keep writing!

Apr 12, 2014
by: ChickyJ

I think that this is a really good story. I would love to read part 2, and if it was selling in the shops, I would tots buy it! Keep writing from your HCG(horse crazy girl)friend, Jenna.

Feb 03, 2014
:D :D :D
by: Elizy

If you aren't going to write the 2nd then... AH!

Jan 27, 2014
by: Stormy


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