Suprise! He's a Racer at Heart!

by Celia
(united states)

About six months ago at my old yard, my trainer announced to everyone that she was bringing her old thoroughbred racer out of retirement. He was about 20 years old, but little did we know he had quite a kick!

ok, so it was a week after The horse, named Shirka, came in. Just to give you a picture, he was 16.3hh, and bay. anyway, me, and a few other girls, most of us about 12 years old, were hanging out, riding.... blah blah blah. so my traier comes up and asks me to try Shirka out for her. His first day back on the job went well, i didnt push for more than a trot, since he hadnt been ridden in at least 15 years.

but the next day at the yard, I rode him again, since my trainer liked what I did with him the first day, and to begin with, he was fine. then I asked him to trot- he was fine for about 5 strides, wen suddenly, I felt his stride shift. I knew his feet were weak, so he might be falling, so I got ready for an emergency dismount, but Then shirka suprised us all. He went into a bucking fit, that lasted about 2 min. and he headed for the fence, and just as he slid to a stop, i did an emergency dismount. He suprised everybody that day! he is in good condition now, but since I have moved to a new stable, so I dont have any more updates. Thanx 4 rding! Please leave comments, but plz no critisism!

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