by Erika
(Coaldale, Alberta, Canada)

Golden hairs stranded on barbed wire
Left for me, a memory of a minute
Spent gazing at a horse the color of the sun
A newly minted coin.

A horse with powers
To hold my heart
When all I've done
Is touch him once.

But a souvenir
Of a beautiful soul
The bracelet is long gone
But still in my heart he remains.

Sunshine Pride
The dreams I had
Sunny, my boy
I love you.

I saw him once or maybe twice. He had a golden coat and a mane and tail as creamy as milk. I loved him from the time I laid eyes on him but for all my love I only touched him once.

I still relive the sensation of satiny-smooth hair under my palm. He looked back at me once with brown eyes, unreadable, and then continued on. I still loved him even though he didn't seem to return that love.

He was my second horse that I loved but I didn't own him and I would never own a single horse. That one moment led to another, the second and the last. He left me a gift; a few strand of tail hair on the barbed wire fence.

With perfect carefulness I extracted the hair and braided it into a bracelet. One day, the part-time maid came and it was gone. But the memory still remains - a golden horse and my love for him.

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Apr 11, 2017
by: Tyra

Omg. This is the best poem that I have ever read. Good job.

Apr 10, 2017
So sweet!
by: Ellin

This is the best poem I've read so far. I love it. It's so well-written!

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