Summer Camp

by Kaitlyn

I have always loved horses. But my mom thought they were unpredictable and dangerous. That kind of stopped my dream of riding... but not for long. For my tenth birthday my dad took me to a ranch. At that point I had no clue how to ride. So the lady helped me mount up. I rode a horse named Storm he's dapple Grey Cute eh!!! She walked me around for 35 minutes, It was so beautiful. The open fields and forest. But sadly I never rode again for a year.

The next summer I got my mom to call around at farms, and she enrolled me in summer camp. So off I went. When I got there I fell in love with a horse named Haley. She was perfect for me, 14 hands and chestnut. She was slower but ever so gentle. At the end of camp we had a fun show so our parents could see how we were doing. We brought our horses toward the fence where our parents were watching so the instructor could give us ribbons. I was excited yet sad because camp was ending. It was the best time of my life. I dismounted and showed my parents Breeze the horse I was riding for the show. I left camp that day watching the horses in the paddock grazing.

Now it's December, I am taking riding lessons at the same farm. Cantering is my favorite. I wish I could spend every moment with horses, but I know I can't. But the farm has a policy that if you're going to ride you have to groom and tack up the horse you're riding and after you have to untack brush them and clean tack. But I don't mind at all, that just means more time with my favorite animals.

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