Summer: 100% horse-crazy

by Summer
(PMB South Africa)

Hi everyone
My name is Summer and I'm 14 (although I tend to act like ten a lot of the time). I LOVE horses. The reason why I'm so horse-crazy is not unique. I grew up with horses and started riding (properly) at three. For five years I lived on the farm with horses, riding every day and not really realizing how lucky I was. Only when we moved to a town, I felt what it was like to live with out horses. Leaving them behind was really hard and it took a while for me to get used to town life. As much as I would like to, I don't own a horse as yet and I don't go for riding lessons, but I do ride a lot.My dad's friend owns two horses but he doesn't have much time to spend with them so I exercise them for him. Their names are Dynamite and Blaze and I love them loads. I think they are wonderful- in fact I think all horse are wonderful. Aren't horses just the loveliest creatures on earth?
Please comment- SUMMER

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Jan 30, 2010
Hey Summer!
by: Christina

Wow. That's cool
The reason I asked was because I have a penpal in Africa and she likes High School Musical and stuff like that.

Nov 17, 2009
My list!
by: Windcall

Hi Summer!
Wow, that was actually a hard question for me!!!!! There's so many places I want to go...but anyway, I've finally formulated a presently accurate list of the countries I want to visit.
1. Great Britain (preferably the London area)
2. Ireland
3. Australia
4. Russia
5. Japan (or South Korea)
6. France
7. Bora Bora
8. Puerto Rico
9. South Africa
10. Antarctica
There you have it! By the way, I'm sorry that it takes me a while to return job at the retreat center is nearly over, but I've been getting busier with homeschool co-op activities and my first youth convention this weekend. OK, new about this one: What is your favorite holiday?
Gotta go!

Windcall *:-)

Nov 14, 2009
Hi Summer

Nice to meet to meet you! I can't wait to hear more about you and your horse.

Nov 11, 2009
Hi Summer
by: Summer

Hi Summer it's Summer.I'm 11 years old and have a quarter horse named Dutchess.I use a western saddle and my horse hates her bit she is totally stuborn.BUT I AM WAY HORSE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 03, 2009
me again

Your home sounds interesting too! I'd really like to visit it one day. Speaking of countries we want to visit, what are the top ten countries that you really want to visit before you die?
My list (the countries I most want to visit are listed first)-
1) Romania
2) Malawi
3) Cananda
4) Japan
5) Gorgia
6) Zambia
7) Tanzania
8) Alaska
9) Austria
10) USA

Btw, I've looked for your latest page, but can't find it. I'll try finging it again.

Nov 01, 2009
Hi windcall!

Thanks for the long update on your life- I really enjoyed reading it.
Here in South Africa, Spring is settling in- the weather is getting nice and warm and the my whole neighbourhood is coloured with flowers. A year ago, Spring would mean longer hacks in the countryside with one of the horses, but now it only means longer walks for my dog. In the weekends and after school, my dog and i go for walks in the bush.I love watching birds and other animals(though it's hard to do so with my dog as he can hardly keep still!).
Anyway, I've got to go to school now, so I'll write more when I'm back.

Oct 18, 2009
What's up?
by: Windcall

Hey Summer!
I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to reply to your comments. My life here at the retreat center my family has been temporarily managing for the past year is, to put it quite simply, bizarre (lol). I also love to do outdoor things, like riding (at any chance), swimming (barely behind riding), walking, tromping (kind of like a mix between hiking and walking and exploring), singing (if I find an area secluded enough from eavesdroppers), and attempting to climb trees; but there are a few things I like to do indoors, like playing the piano (I prefer the songs I write or contemporary songs with words to the classical stuff), reading, or getting on the computer.
Your home sounds absolutely glorious!!!!!!!!! I would love to come see it someday, but I have no idea when such a thing would be possible. I live in a minute suburb in central Missouri (United States), and have lived here all my life (I've visited several other states, though). One of the things that amuses people here is the variability of the weather: you never can tell what the temperature will be, for it has often gone from sizzling hot to bitter cold in one afternoon! Generally, we have warm springs, hot summers, cool autumns, and highly unpredictable winters. Where I live there are ample trees and hills, and we can see the large, beautiful, tourist-attracting Lake of the Ozarks from our back door. Our wildlife consists mostly of inquisitive deer, sneaky raccoons, pesky grey squirrels, slow-moving opossums, bold red and grey foxes, and the occasional shy coyote or terrified armadillo. Several years ago, a black bear made our area his favored residence; but as the population grew larger and more homes were built, he moved away (nearly twenty miles away, if the stories have not been exaggerated).
So what have you been up to?

I have begun my school year (as a freshman!), and our homeschool co-op is, unfortunately, already nearing the end of its autumn semester. I got my braces off in late September, and I have another appointment early tomorrow morning to get my retainer. That's pretty much all that's new with me, besides work and making new friends this past weekend. Have you checked out my latest page? It's called "Dreamer: Windcall's Page 8=Writing About Horses (or other things)," and it can be located on the second page of the Your Pages section on this site. Hope to hear from you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Windcall *:-)

Aug 22, 2009
@ Christina

Well, I'm a Muslim so I listen to to Islamic music. I listen to South African and Arab artists, and sometimes Canadian.

Aug 13, 2009
Hey Summer!
by: Christina

Sorry about messing up the name of your country!
I have a question about South Africa: Do you listen to the same music artists as Americans or do you listen to singers from your country?

Jul 31, 2009
me again

@ Kenzie. South Africa is a lot more modern then most other African countries. Most of the Americans who come over here get quite suprised. There some places where it is as wild as the books usually say, but they are a bit rare.
Please tell me about where you live.

Jul 31, 2009
Hey Kenzie

Thanks for commenting on my page. You are sooo lucky to have friends who have horses- I'm still quite horseless *boo-hoo*.
Since i don't have any horses, lets talk about something else. Other pets, for exapmle. I've got one dog. He's a German Shepard mix and he's name is Blizzard. Is there any other dog-lovers out there?
I also have and adorable ginger kitten called Pixie, an Indian Ringneck (parrot)called Skye, three canaries called Sugar, Spice and Chilli and eight fish.
I'm bored guys, so tell me about your pets.

Jun 02, 2009
by: Kenzie

Hey Summer,
You have such a neat story!! I read from your comment to Windcall what it is like in South Africa, so I won't ask that question, but are there parts of Africa that are as non modern as the books make them seem? Books usually exagerate. That is so sad that your dad's friend sold his horses!!
I started riding when I was 4 and rode for a year, and then moved to Missouri where there are practically nothing horsey! I made some new friends lately and they have horses so I am going to start riding lessons this summer. I am so blessed!! I would love if you commented on my page 'Horse Crazy Kenzie'. I also wrote another page, but can't find it yet, it is called 'Horse Crazy Kenzie pg. 2'

Mar 12, 2009

I live in South AFRICA, not AMERICA.

Feb 19, 2009
by: Christina

I didn't know you lived in South America! What's it like there? I LOVE learning about other countries, so I can't wait to hear all about South America!

Feb 19, 2009
Hi Christina

Thanks for commenting.
About acting small, i do that often. like when i'm in school, my friend and I will break up into fits os giggling for the silliest things!
Right now I don't feel much like laughing because something terrible happened. Blaze and Dynamite had to be sold. OMG, you can't imagine how heart-broken I am. I miss the two of them so much i don't know what to do. They where the two best friends i could ever have.
Now I'm horseless again but i hope one day I will get another horse and I hope it will give me the same friendship Baze and Dynamite did.
Sorry to be boring you about my stories but that is about all I think of.

Feb 19, 2009
Hi Windcall

I'm glad you found my page (I had trouble finding it too, hehe).
My favourite breed is Gypsy Vanners. They are just too beautiful for words!
Yes, I live in South Africa and it's really beautiful here(you probably guessed I'd say this but it's very true). The wildlife, for instance, is wonderful. We live in a small town but just out of our yard there's a hill, part of whish is empty. Around dawn and dusk you can see the duiker and nyala coming up to graze, just a few meters or so out of our garden! Theres also leopareds living in the valley but they are shy and don't come out often. South Africa is a pretty modern country and this is about as wild as it gets. You really must come to see it one day! Come and visit me if you have time.
Oh and about the weather- it's really nice here. In winter it doesn't get too cold but it snows now and then, depending on where in the country you are. In summer it's quite warm but rarely gets VERY hot. Right now we are in the last month of summer and today is quite hot. I think i'll go and jump into our swiimming pool while I have time. Tell me about where you live.
What are your hobbies? I love doing anything so long as it's outdoors like swimming, paddle skeing, windsurfing, birdwatching, cycling, walking my dog, hiking etc.
Speak to you again soon.

Jan 29, 2009
by: Christina

Hi Summer! That's funny because sometimes people say I act 10 too! That is really sad that you had to move away from all those horses! Can you please put pictures of Dynamite and Blaze on here? They sound soooooo cool! Later gurl! --Christina

Jan 28, 2009
by: Windcall

Hey Summer!
I found you again! Teehee! I thought I should go ahead and say "hi" again. What's up with you? What is it like in South Africa? I don't want to sound insane, so please describe the usual weather. *:-D

Talk to you later!

Windcall *:-)

Jan 19, 2009
I found you!
by: Windcall

Hi Summer!
I just found your comment on my page (Page 7)! You have an awesome story! I am very rarely able to spend time with horses, because the only horses near my home were sold several months ago (after their aging owner's first filly died; the event deeply depressed the fellow). However, I am still a major fan of horses! I would be happy if I could own even an unregistered, common-breed horse, but I don't exactly live in the right type of neighborhood. Do you like living in South Africa? I've always wanted to "see the world" (kind of; more like a short trip to a few radically different countries around the world), and South Africa is actually on my list!
I hope we can keep up a steady flow of communication through this site! To begin, what is your favorite horse breed? My favorite is the Akhal Teke! I also like Arabians and Camargues (found only in France, always white or grey, relatively small at an average of 14hh (55 in.).
Hope to hear from you QUITE soon!!!!!!

Windcall *:-)

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