Stormy skies - Chapter 1: New Stallion

by Taylor



****DISCLAMER**** Stormy is my Arabian, not someone else's. If I describe another horse and looks exactly like yours or events were real it is just a coincidence.

"Hey Ellis!" I yelled waving my arms around,running out of the ranch to Ellis' Property. "Mistyc is PREGNANT!"

She dropped her shovel *nicely set it down so she doesn't spook Trigger, her horse* And looked at me. "With who?" She said in a questioning voice.

"Bricket" I said. Bricket was a Silver Arabian stallion with a crescent moon on his forelock and a black sock on his 4th leg.

"Taylor nuh uh" She sassed "Bricket? Really?"

"Yup, Bricket Ol' Bricky Boy" I said.

Dad came running over. "Mistyc is foaling! Hurry up!" he shouted.

"ew" Ellis said while shivering in disgust and started walking over to our property. I followed her. When we got there Mistyc was nursing a grey Arab.

Me and Ellis looked at each other with a smile on her face and she said, "how BEAUTIFUL! Whats its name?"

I walked closer to it and saw his black pigmented muzzle. "stormy skies" I said, "ill name him stormy skies, stormy for short."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~5 YEARS LATER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I was up and on Stormy riding western for the first time. "Hows the saddle?" My trainer Nickie said.

"Uncomfortable" I said loping *western term for cantering*

"You're doing good Taylor!" She said "Walk storm out now,Ellis get out the barrels"

I dismounted quickly before Ellis even moved."Not today, how 'bout never" I said taking off my spurs.I walked out of the arena and put the spurs in the box. I was walking out of the arena when bricket was out of the Paddock

"BRICKET" I said tying the reins to a fence. I grabbed the neared lead rope And clipped the lead to his halter. "Don't do that again Bricky," i said putting back into the hospitality paddock.

I untied stormy and put him into his stall. I looked at the clock and yawned. I put feed and water in his stall and walked out to my property.

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