Stormy Night

by Stormrider

My name is Annie Lewis and I'm 14 years old. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I've loved horses my whole life but I don't have a horse of my own. I ride at Cherry Creek Stables where I'm a working student. Anyways, enough about me. Let's get to the story...

Chapter One

"Mom? I'm going to the barn!" I yell as I grab my backpack.

"Okay, have fun!" She responds.

I race out the door and grab my bike from the garage. I hop on and pedal down the driveway and up the hill to Cherry Creek Stables. It's only a 5-minute bike ride from my house so I go almost everyday.

A couple of minutes later I pull into the long driveway. I lean my bike up against the barn and head inside. After setting my backpack in the tack room, I get started on morning chores. Everyone had been fed so I filled the water buckets and hay nets and cleaned out all of the stalls.

I glanced at my watch as I finish the last stall. It read 10:30. My lesson is at 11:00 so I head into the tack room to see who I'm riding. Assuming I'm riding Mystic, a gray quarter horse gelding Ive been riding for nearly a year, I just give the white board a quick glance. But instead of seeing his name, I see a new name beside mine.

"Who's Storm?" I say aloud. I grab a grooming kit and walk down the long barn aisle searching for him. Finally, I come to the last stall to see a bay thoroughbred gelding munching hay. He wasn't in the barn earlier so someone must have brought him in.

"Hey boy," I say sliding open the stall door. I reach into my pocket and hold out a horse cookie. He munches it happily. I instantly fell in love with his big brown eyes and the white snip on his nose. I started grooming him as he continued eating hay.

Chapter Two

"Ready to go boy?" I ask him as I finish tightening the noseband on his bridle. I lead him out of the stall and down towards the arena.

Once inside, I tightened his girth and lengthened my stirrups. The second I climbed on I knew it was going to be a fun ride. I had found out from my trainer that he was an OTTB.

I gave him a pat and asked for a walk. He immediately sprung into a fast paced walk, excitedly. I walked him a couple laps around to get used to him and then asked for the trot. I trotted around the arena and did some circles.

I was finished warming up walk trot when my trainer, Jess, came down. "How is it going?" She asked walking into the middle of the arena.

"Good." I respond slowing to a walk, waiting for instructions.

"Alright, since you've already walked and trotted, how about a canter?" Jess said.

"Sure." I reply asking him for a trot and putting him on a circle. I got him bent on the circle as Jess gave me some instructions on cantering him. Then I slid my left leg back, sat and asked for the canter.

He sprung into the gait excitedly. We cantered a few circles each way and then Jess set up a few trot poles and two cross rails.

"Alright, trot over the ground poles a couple of times and on the third time finish with the cross rail," she said indicating the 18-inch cross rails a few yards from the trot poles.

I trotted over the poles twice and then a third time. Instead of turning after the poles, I trotted him towards the cross rails. We jumped it with ease. We continued it a couple more times and added another cross rails.

After going over that, Jess raised the jumps to verticals. "Alright, trot over the poles. Ask for the canter and pop over the two verticals over here," she said.

I nodded excitedly and trotted him over the poles. Next, I asked for the canter and headed towards the verticals. We popped over them with ease.

"Very good. You two are doing really well," Jess said as she raised the last jump to about 2 feet. "Try that again. The second jump is only 6 inches taller," she said.

I trotted over the poles, asked for the canter and popped over the first jump. We cantered over the second one. I finished the jump grinning. Jess told me we were finished so I slowed him to a walk, giving him a pat. I walked him out and headed up to the barn.

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Apr 24, 2018
Awesome Story!!!
by: HorseGirl

That is such a good story! I hope that more comes out soon!

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