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i started riding when i was 8yo now i am 16yo + i love!!!! horses heaps. i have my own horse to his name is Storm. My worst ride ever was 2 weeks ago on Storm. this is how it goes.

I was riding Storm on the roke trail at the riding school
+ we were about to canter over the big ditch on the hill
i was not supposed 2 because the riding school were having a lesson there but i did not realise they would use this part of the paddock. I got in real trouble and upset the lesson.

Later, after i had promised to clean out the stables 4 a week they told me that it wasn't a real lesson and that they knew i would disobey them and so they set me up. i still had 2 clean the stables 4 a week. ANNOYING!!!!!

there is a pic of Storm

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Apr 11, 2010
by: Sydney

I agree, annoying! But at least it ended up ok.

Apr 11, 2010
by: Anneka

aww!!!! that WOULD be annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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