Stoney Creek Stables - Book One: Promise

by Savannah

Chapter One

BEEP! BEEP! The alarm clock buzzed waking Sophia Andrews. She groaned and glanced at the clock, it read 6:00 A.M.

With a moan, she threw her covers off and got out of bed. She made her bed then headed over to her closet to get dressed. She pulled on a pair of tan breeches, a blue t-shirt and pulled on her well-worn black paddock boots.

After brushing and pulling her shoulder length brown hair, she quickly brushed her teeth and put on some lip gloss. Finishing up she headed out of her room to get some breakfast before going out to the barn.

"Morning Sophia," her mother Terri called as she entered the kitchen. "I made some muffins and orange juice."

"Thanks, Mom." Sophia replied and grabbed a blueberry muffin and a glass of orange juice. She ate then made her way outside towards the barn.

Sophia was 13 years old and lived at Stoney Creek Stables where her family boarded, trained horses and gave riding lessons.

She pushed open the barn doors and inhaled the sweet scent of horses, leather and hay before heading to her horse's stall.

"Good morning, Promise." Sophia said and unlatched the dappled grey mare's stall. "Hey baby, girl." She said and planted a kiss on her soft pink muzzle. The mare answered with a low nicker.

Sophia grabbed Promise's grooming kit from outside the stall and began currying her soft grey coat.

"How about some jumping today?" She asked her horse. She stroked the hard brush over her coat then a final polishing with the soft brush. She combed her mane then picked out her hooves.

"You're looking beautiful this morning, girly." Sophia laughed and patted her mare's neck. "I'll be right back. I have to go get your tack." She said and headed down the barn aisle into the tack room.

Once inside, she pulled Promise's navy blue saddle pad, a black saddle, a girth from the saddle rack and draped her bridle over her shoulder. She headed back into her stall and closed the sliding door behind her.

She placed the saddle pad on Promise's back and followed with the saddle. She tightened the girth and took the bridle from its hook outside of the stall.

She placed the bit in the palm of her hand and fed it into Promise's mouth. She put the crown piece over her ears and adjusted the throat latch and noseband. She popped the helmet on her head and led Promise out of the stall and barn.

She adjusted her stirrups, checked her girth and mounted up. She squeezed her legs around Promise's sides and broke into a steady walk.

Once to the jumping arena, she opened the gate and walked in closing it behind her.

"Oh great, Amber is here." Sophia moaned to Promise. "That means she is going to be in the arena with us in like fifteen minutes!" She sighed and asked Promise for the trot.

She began rising with every other beat of the trot and started on a few twenty-meter circles and three loupe serpentines to get Promise warmed up on both sides. She made her first loupe then switched her diagonal heading for the next turn.

After she finished the serpentine, she squeezed her legs and asked her for the canter. After a another try, Promise broke into a canter picking up the correct lead.

"Good girl!" Sophia said and patted her grey neck.

"Clear out! I have work to do!" Said a voice Sophia knew all too well.

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Jun 12, 2018
by: Sally

WHAT! DON'T STOP THERE! KEEP WRITING! :) This is really good please continue!

Feb 04, 2017
Really good
by: Anonymous

This is really good! I can't wait to read more!

Feb 03, 2017
I agree!
by: hoofbeats

I agree with AHorseLovingGirl! I'd love a part 2!

Jan 18, 2017
by: AHorseLovingGirl

I really like it, and I need a part two! :)

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