by Bailey

I have made a story before this one its called pepper I miss you! but i should have made this one first because i had star first before pepper.
So here is my story. It was Christmas morning of 2005 and as always i wake up before everyone else I went out to the living room and seen a bridle on the couch with a note it was from Santa clause! so i started to read it and it said Dear bailey and kasten i am sorry i could not get u what you wanted so i got you this. hope you like it. so im thinking he didn't get us anything cause he didn't tell us what he got us. so i tend my head and looked away and spun in to a full circle towards the window and seen a beautiful black horse standing in my pasture i scream so loud I woke everyone up! almost gave my dad a heart attack! I ran outside and went and hugged her i named her star cause she had a big white diamond on her forehead. i was so happy! but sooner my dad sold her and when the people took her away i cried a little tryin to stay strong but when she got home with her new family she got her hoof stuck under the gate and she poled and poled and then it ripped her hole hoof off but it grew back. i don't get to see her any more i miss that old filly!

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