Star Dancing - Chapter 1

by Ponie



Star Dancing
Chapter 1

(This is set in prairie times. Andy's house is near a prairie town. Andy's real name is Andretta but her pa lets her be a tomboy. She has a little sister named Ellie and a even littler sister named Caroline. She has a best friend named Mattie. Andy is a red head with blue eyes. Penny is not her horse but her pa lets her ride Penny on the condition that she takes care of Penny by herself. Andy and Mattie is 14 Ellie is 9 and Caroline is 3 & 1/2.)

I blew the hair out of my face. Why did my hair always escape my braids? I stared out over the prairie and breathed in the smell of grass as I looked around over the golden waving grass. Where was that calf? Buttercup was always getting away. Don't look at me about the name. My sister named her. Finally I caught a glance of her tail and moved Penny into a full out gallop.

This time I had to go after Buttercup alone because Pa was working in the fields. At least it was Saturday. As soon as I got Buttercup back to the barn I could continue whittling. I whittled little figurines which I sold to the store which sold them to kids. I roped that stupid calf and Penny and I led her home.

I slumped in my chair. that stupid calf! Because of that calf Penny sprained her leg. In couldn't ride her for a while. And I didn't have time for whittling either cause Ma needed my help, and Pa had to get the wheat shocked so then I had to milk while Caro gathered the eggs, then I had to help Pa shock the wheat. I'm not sure if I was slumping cause I was disappointed or if I was slumping cause I was tired. I yawned. Apparently I was tired.

"Andy come out of the parlor it's dinner time."

"Coming Ma!" I was hungry. Very hungry. On the dining table there was deer steak, beans, bread, mashed potatoes, and gravy. I smiled Ma's cooking always made me feel better. Maybe today wasn't so awful.

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