Spring Colors!

by Pigwings

Chapter 1

It was a beautiful spring day in Oklahoma. The sun was shining across the blue sky, the birds were chirping as if they were singing, the creek was sparkling as if it were made of gold, while it rushed across the smooth rocks.

Austin Brown who was 17 years old, woke up with excitement, ready for the day. He got out of bed smelling the wonderful aroma of bacon and eggs downstairs.

He looked at himself in the mirror seeing his dirty blond hair standing straight up as if as he had been sleeping for 2 weeks, He laughed at himself and ran to grab a comb from on top of the bathroom sink.

After he quickly combed his hair and grab his cowboy hat he started trotting down the stairs. The sweet smell of the bacon made him pick up his pace. As soon as he entered the kitchen, his mother greeted him with a warm smile. His 14-year-old sister Liddy was already there helping there mother put away dishes.

"Good morning Austin!" said Mrs. Brown as she pulled out a pan of Austin's favorite kind of muffins.

"Mornin!" Austin said as he tried to grab the biggest blueberry muffin from the hot pan.

"What took you so long to get up? Dad ate already and he's outside doing the chores." Liddy said, "And are you going anywhere today?"

"No, Why?" Asked Austin his mouth full.

"Because of I'm baking today and I don't want your fingers in my dough!" Liddy explained.

"I cant promise anything Liddy, your baking is just sooo good!"

"OK Ok, I know, but you need to keep yourself busy so I can start."

"Ok, I will go help dad with the chores." Austin left the kitchen to the basement and put on his rubber boot and headed out the door. Austin walked through the muddy driveway to the barn, he found his dad with one of the horse.

"What's wrong with this one?" Asked Austin.

"He's got some pretty deep cuts on his back." Mr. Brown said while he wiped ointment on the horse's back.

"Will he be ok?" Asked Austin.

"I think so, it just will take some time to heal."


"Will you get that son? I'm busy at the moment."

Austin grabs the phone from his dad and answered it.

"Hello? This is Austin. Ya sure, Ok, We will be there as soon as possible." Austin hung up when his dad asked, "Who was that?"

"It was Mr. Jones, he said his neighbor is whipping his horse and it doesn't look good. I told him we will come."

"OK, go tell your mom that we're going to Mr. Jones house.


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Jul 09, 2018
by: pigwings

I can't finish my story. The rules changed so I have to be 16 to write on this blog. Sorry guys!

Jun 01, 2018
please write more
by: Daisygirl810


May 25, 2018
please write more!
by: horse help

So great! Please write more!

May 13, 2018
by: Sydney at HorseCrazyGirls.com

I'd love to read more of your story :)

May 11, 2018
by: Anonymous

Does anyone like my story? Should I write more?

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