Spirit of the West - Part 1

by Chiara

I awoke to the sun shining brightly to my eyes. I groaned as I sat up. My waist long red hair was sticking up everywhere. I slid of my bed and touched my bare feet to the cold wooden floor. I shivered because of the breeze my window was sending in. As I walked to the bathroom to look at the monster I had turned into last night.

"Ugh." Was all I could say as I looked at myself. I quickly decided to get ready and go feed the horses. I considered taking a shower, but I would just get dirty from the barn anyway.

I brushed my long red hair and did a messy side braid. I pulled on some skinny blue jeans and a black tank top. I went downstairs and pulled on my brown riding boots and a my chocolate colored sweater.

As I ran out the door I felt the icy winter breeze. "Wyoming at it's finest." I mumbled. Maybe I shouldn't have worn a tank top. I walked slowly towards the barn hugging myself to keep warm. When I opened the barn door and refreshing heat hit me.

I closed the barn door behind me and went over to the feed buckets and scooped some grain into them. I gave each horse their food and gave them a healthy portion of vitamins and hay. Instead of going back outside in the cold, I decided to listen to the calming munching of horses.

After they were done eating I decided to train my new horse Boo. He was a Appaloosa mustang stallion. He was only 3 years old. He wasn't broke yet, but I was working with him. I went out to the round pen, where he was staying, and I did join up with him.

Join up is a trust act. You would run horses around the pen until they joined up with you. Boo ran and ran. I was starting to think he wasn't going to join up. His black spots on his white coat was so pretty as he galloped. I kept flicking the lead line until he finally had enough... To be continued.

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Jul 31, 2014
Love It!
by: Sydney Middleton

I love this story. please, oh please write more. You've got me on the edge of my seat.

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