Sophie's blanket, new home

by Rayna
(Surprise, AZ)

Sophie in her new blanket

Sophie in her new blanket

Sophie is my Quarter Horse/Arabian mare, who is 5 years old. For her story see the other entries :)

In October, I went to visit her on my Aunt's property for a weekend trip. I brought along a friend of mine. While there, we helped to cure my friend of her horse phobia.

For months before that trip, we had been trying to get Sophie a turnout blanket for the harsh New Mexico winters. And it was around the beginning of October, that we found an affordable, good quality blanket! Wooo!!

So in November, I went with my cousin and grandma to watch my aunt's property while she got married in Las Vegas. It was super cold and snowed a good 4 or 5 inches the second night. The temperature got down to almost 10 degrees at night. (good thing for the wood burning stove!)

Sophie's blanket kept her warm and dry. Now, here was what was wrong. It was several sizes to large for her so we were worried it wouldn't fit right. But in the end it actually did, despite being just a bit long. :)

Here's the current news. Due to some family arguments and financial problems, my aunt can no longer keep Sophie on her property. So we found a ranch down here that will board her for $185 a month. However, after the first month I'm going to start helping out around there to lower the cost.

Now the only problem is actually getting Sophie down here. My other uncle would let us use his horse trailer (they have a few horses of their own) but Sophie has only been trailered once and we don't know how she would hold up on the long drive. He doesn't want her damaging their trailer.

Now my other aunt who's property Sophie is currently staying on, offered to trailer my sweet horse down here because renting a trailer is $400. Sooo I asked my mom if she would talk to her about it and my mum said she couldn't say yes or no because it was a surprise. :)

So now we're looking to move to a house with horse property. :)

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Dec 13, 2012
by: reina

I am glad you finally got a horse you can probably study her out in a pasture or corral and draw her. You have an amazing talent.

Dec 11, 2012
by: Lucinda

First of all, wow I haven't been on for a while.
Second, You horse is beautiful! And it's a good thing the blanket fit!
And third, Good luck! :]

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