Snow Storm - Part 1

by Mackenzie
(Tomball, TX)

Small bursts of air came from the steed's nostrils. It was cold, very cold. Blankets graced the tall paint horse. Thick layers of coats on me didn't keep out the biting cold. It numbed to the bone. The colors on the the paint flowed around each other it different patterns. You could not see all the beauty of the horse with the naked eye.

My eyes could look right through the black and white, straight to the heart. I could see the real personality in the horse. The crunch of snow awakened me, I was in history class. I hated school, I always wanted to go and run away to a riding school. I didn't know if their was one near I just wanted to go to one. I slipped back into my day dream. Horses all around me.

Pasture by pasture, full of horses. All different kinds, Drafts, Paints, Morgans, Shetlands, Appaloosas all kinds. Dingggggg. The bell rang. It was summer vacation! My family and I were going to Florida tomorrow.

The bus left the stop and stopped at my apartment. I walked to the front door, it swung open. I greeted the doorman, Tim.

"Hey Tim."


Up the jittery elevator, and into the lonely and cold hallway. Up to the front door of our room.

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Apr 09, 2013
by: Elizabeth

This sounds like something I am going to want to read. So keep up the good story!

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