Smokey the Sassy

by Emma

I own a Black Shetland Pony Gelding. He is always trying to get out of work. He always bites at me and won't cooperate when I try to work with him. He wouldn't budge!

When I first got him (I mean the first day which, probably not have been the best choice, let him adjust and relax) I trusted him, so I hopped on him (Bareback) and when the dogs barked he bolted and spooked. He ran a few steps and I had my hands and legs wrapped around his belly. I was sideways while he was doing this. After that, I wasn't scared. I knew he was just adjusting to his surroundings.

Before I got him I took lessons at a local stable. His name was Smokey also (the horse I was riding that day, that's how I got that name for him :p) It was a normal lesson. I wasn't starting out.. I normally took a Buckskin Quarter Horse but he was being used by another person that day. I was riding Smokey in the arena and there was a horse that he didn't like at all in the arena riding. The instructor had told me but I thought 'Oh, its fine.' So, I got a little close (nice going. xD) and Smokey bolted to bite at the horse and the horse fought back. I was on Smokey and her reared. I was fine.

So when Smokey bolted, I knew it was normal. After I rode him, I found out, he found out he can push me around.So, I haven't been working or riding with him. It is really bad. I mean very bad. He gets out of work aggressively.

By the way: I play Horseisle 2: Legend of the Esrohs and Horseisle 1: Secret land of Horses. I'm Overo on HI2 and LaughingBreeze on HI1 if you want to talk.

So.. any advice is welcome.

I need to train him to ride and show him who is boss.

He loves to eat also.

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