Sky And The Double Trouble Twins - Part 1

by Lucinda (I haven't been on here for ages!)
(NZ (from England))

Sky (NOTE: Not my picture)

Sky (NOTE: Not my picture)

It was a summer day and the heat was killing me. I got out of bed, glad to smell bacon and egg cooking as I slipped out of my pajamas and put on my red shirt, jeans and cowgirl hat.

"Breakfast!" Came soon after so I quickly fastened my belt and raced downstairs, my family were down there and sitting at the dining room table of our ranch house, there was my mom, Samantha trying to teach my baby brother Dylan how to eat with a fork instead of cramming his food into his mouth with his hands, my dad was talking to my little sister Emily, and our dog Ringo was trying to beg them all for scraps.

I smiled and sat down reaching for my plate serving myself a bacon and egg sandwich and ate it, it was delicious.

"Great cook hun" dad kissed mom on the lips and Emily screwed up her face.

"Eww! Get a room!" she cried and I rolled my eyes.

"So immature" I muttered which made her glare at me "i'm mature!"

"Your ten Emily, of course your not" I said calmly and turned to dad "whats our schedule for today?" I asked and he looked up

"I'm going out after we clean out the stalls to sell a few of the colts, they are getting a little old" he said "and after that we will need more horses so I'm gonna get some wild ones, then we have to feed the horses and train. Any questions?" he said and everybody shook their heads. I took the information into my brain and jammed it in tight.

"Okay dad, can I come with you to get the wild horses?" I asked him hopefully.

"Okay, but only if you give Emily a riding lesson afterwards and don't try and rein in any stallions, you know what happened last summer!" he said nodding and Ringo gave a sharp bark which probably meant 'Yep!'

"Okay dad, and it was only a broken arm" I said but agreed to him without any more arguments, he wasn't only my father he was also a rancher and western riding instructor that I respected. Right after he came back from selling the horses and we had mucked out the stalls he nodded to me
"Lets go!" he said. We tacked up our horses and headed out to the wild, not long later I head squeals and neighs.

"Shh, horses" he whispered to dad and he brought his finger to his lips, he reached over the hedge -that separated us from them- with his head and stared at the horses, he grabbed his lasso's and got a mare, he handed me two and I got her two foals. I grinned but then they realised, the mare let out screeches and reared and bucked, the foals however, did nothing but watch, till Sky trotted away with her father close behind and the mare and the two foals gave in and followed us.I let out coo's to calm them further but the mare still had her ears pinned to her head

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Oct 25, 2014
Keep it up!
by: Devyn

It's Great! Keep up the good work. :)

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