ShowJumpingGirl101: My Vision too true . .Pleaz read.

by Kendra N
(Margate South Coast)

me and my boy :)

me and my boy :)

Well i KNOW that any girl that was little, still walking by their mothers side, would always Love ponies and horses the minute they saw them.. "Can i ride! I wana ride the pony!" yep, i was like that too, and when i grew up, we lived in a complex in JHB, never near greens or pastures..just dirt, schools and factories.
God (Yes i am a christian) told my family once to move down to the sea with a church we were joining..we did move (even though we are not at the church anymore!) it was hard to leave friends behind, but now, ill never move back.. Moving here gave us the very first opertunity to live on a farm.. it was amazing!! We than recently started horse riding and every thing i achieved had always been a blessing..I have been riding for only a year and a half now, but i do show jumping to 7o high! 2o smaller than a metre! a couple that moved back to JHB were selling a horse that happened to just be the right one for me!! it happened all faster than i could imagen. Iv had my horse now since the end of febuary, hez white, a grey gelding and o so sweet! i live in a area with friends that also have horses, which is just luck.. Im horse crazy just because the world isnt..Get me? Im horse crazy, cuz i know, that im maybe one of ten that know it it feels to bond with one, to love one, to ride one, to HAVE one.. its always made me appreciate things iv never donw before.. and honestly, horses are much smarter than we take them for! He he is important that when we get the oppertunity to have a horse, we should take up the responcibilty of it, for many horses out their that get abused and slaughtered and those that only get to live for days, its up to us to make that difference around us . . Rememer, horses have feelings too!! Love Kendra N x0x

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