Short story of an adventure with Taylor (mustang) and Luke (Llama)

by Aspen

Luke and taylor

Luke and taylor

It was a beautiful day here in Popcorn Country (made up little town, me and my sis came up with). The sun was shining, the wind of course blew but after a while you get used to it living here in Wyoming all your life. Taylor and Luke watched over the land of Lavender. Water, meadows, hundreds of miles of grassy plains and wild flowers, they both sat on top of Gwen's mountain on the slick sheet of granite they laid.

Now Taylor was a rebel, he was the opposite of responsible and loved having fun, and after blowing off his ex-friend Ricky a gray Mustang who lived in the herd who roams in the surrounding area, his reputation was going down hill.

Luke was also a true to be rocker at heart and just like Taylor loved everything wild, both of them had a teetering rep in the herds. Luke didn't live with Taylor but like the day was on repeat they would meet in the exact place everyday.
“Why do we have to watch the herd?” Luke asked. “Hey I saw this neat little mud puddle down the road heading to ba sing sai” (A little bit bigger of a city bordering Popcorn country... AND if you are a fan of Avatar the last air-bender you’ll know where we got the name).

“Because,” Taylor explained, “I got a warning last night... one more slip up and I’m out of this herd.” He explained.

“Do you see anyone?” Luke looked around “Nope... not a single soul. Let's go have fun... come on.. they're not watching us.. what, are you afraid of actually being kicked out?” Luke stood up.

“Luke, really, I think we should stay and just watch the herd for a little bit longer, like I really have a bad feeling about this,” Taylor worried as he stood up slowly and shook his head.

“Did you say something mister responsible?” Luke laughed. “I actually thought I heard you caring about your herd.. but I guess not.. so come on.” Luke begged Taylor to go.

Taylor’s heart was in the right place but he was easily convinced and fallowed closely behind Luke the llama. “I wasn't being responsible, and I’m not afraid of being kicked out, but after the Ricky situation Cousin Grey, (Cousin Grey wasn't the herd leader but was the monarch and everyone adored him), is not happy with me. But who gives a care,let's go have fun!” Taylor trotted up the dusty road about a mile from Gwen’s mountain.

Luke pushed through the tall sagebrush with his strong neck and yipped and hollered in laughter, the two were having a gay-old time, not a care in the world. Taylor rolled down the steep hills of grass fresh dew from the morning frost collected on his white coat and Luke bucked around trampling the wild flowers recklessly. They were having so much they didn't realize Strify the herds in Taylor and Luke’s eyes bully was coming their way, the sun was glistening on his also white coat and you could see him a mile away, he was strong willed and very dominate cold-blooded he was.

Strify charged through the saplings and cantered on the trail, a dust cloud followed him and whipped through his tail ferociously. Taylor was too much of a roughen and continued to laugh and play, luckily Luke’s excellent eyesight spotted Strify in and out of shadows and immediately said,

“Taylor, I think we're in-trouble.” Luke said.

So that’s it for now. Some of you might like it and some of you might not. I would love to hear your opinion in the comment, if I get over 2-3 comments down below I’ll post the next part. If you have questions, please feel free to ask them. Yes, I drew the picture of Taylor and Luke it was started 4/5/2019 and finished 4/6/2019, colored pencil on original white paper. Thank you!

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May 07, 2019
by: singin Cowgirl

Super cool story! I like it!

May 05, 2019
Please feel free to comment
by: Aspen... Artist

Thanks for the post Sydney :)

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