Shiloh The Prince of Horses

by Linda
(Greeneville, TN, USA )

I grew up with American Saddlebred Horses a long time ago. Then the real world kicked in and I went to college, graduate school and work. There was little time or money for horses, but I did attend horse shows and photographed wild horses and ponies. But still I had no horse of my own.

After many years, I ran into some extra money and time. I immediately set about to find the horse of my dreams. After some looking around, I began to think maybe I just remembered horses better than they actually were. Then, just as I was about to give up, there he prince of horses!

So I brought him. His name was Shiloh and he was a Quarter Horse/Paint Cross (by looking at his ears and neck, I would also say a touch of Saddlebred was in there, too). Being a fan of Beautiful Jim Key and having grown up admiring Trigger, I set about to trick training Shiloh.

In the less than two years I have been training him, Shiloh has learned to kiss, give a hug, sidepass and back at liberty, say "yes", say "no", march, fetch, play basketball and horseshoes, get his rope, give his halter, dance, untie a knot, play a horn, discriminate colors, count, add, subtract, multiply, divide, raise numbers by powers, find square and cube roots, spell his name and messages, and read commands.

Think I'm crazy? Visit my prince of horses at Shiloh, The Educated Horse on Facebook at:

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Jul 18, 2011
great horse pic and story!
by: Horsecrazy girl Sydney

Shiloh looks sweet. And your story is great too!

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