Serene Acres Mad!

by Junior (nickname)
(Ashburn VA)

Ever since I was 2 I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, a vet. But not just any vet, an equestian vet. My uncle Arther told me millions of times that horseriding ran in my blood. He would explain how my cousins in both sides of my family had a barn and my great grandmother had a ranch and so on. I pesterd my dad to pay for lessons but he'd always say "next spring". Thing is, my mum , dad and sister think horses are unpredictable. But I aways say "that's what makes them beutiful". So when I was 9, I went to a horse camp in bluemont VA.I read horse books every night so I was nerd when it came to horses. So there was me, sitting in the car, driving to bluemont, think of a big red barn but then I was shocked. Right in front of me was an old, gray, weathered barn that looked 50 years old. I sighed and went inside. I showed of as 9 year olds do with my "facts" and all that but then I stopes and seemed to have more fun. I enjoyed it so much, I asked to work there on Saturdays, then i worked in the summmer, then I got lessons and then I wanted to live at that good old barn! You know, I go up to the big hill in the back of south padock and you can see everything. I soon realized that the color or horses don't make a barn. It's the people inside it.

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Apr 08, 2010
hope you are a vet
by: Anna

Wow what a great story!! I hope you do come a vet!! I wish I could but I am scared of needles and like my sister beth (who is a law student) I HATE seeing animals die!! I also hate seeing animals abused I have 2 rescue animals 1 dog (yorkie named pip) and 1 cat (mix mater avatar) well maybe not mater but i would trouble say it was rescue from being put to sleep! :(

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