by Jacey
(175 S. Center Oakley, ID, USA)

I opened my eyes for the first time to see another pair staring right back at me. I jumped at first but I soon found out that was my mother. I soon found myself standing up and walking around the stall. Some creatures were looking over the door at me and saying something I could not understand.

I was deaf. I knew it from the start. I am a yearling now and I am being introduced to some other horses today and I do not feel very safe.

As I was lead into the pasture I got many looks of disgust, snorts and even a couple nips. As soon as the lead rope was unhooked I ran to the nearest corner and hid. The horses were quickly gaining on me and I got scared.

Then out of no where a little pony jumped out in front of me and snorted at the others to back off. And so they backed up. I felt safer now with that little Shetland pony with me even though it was silly that a thoroughbred felt safe with a small pony by him.

My name is Scortch. I am loved and cared for my mother in heaven and my nontrustworthy stableboy, David. David is a loving kid but knows nothing about me. Sometimes we struggle. Years later I was getting ready for a competition with David and he all of a sudden started saying I was never going to win this race. So he left me alone in the dark stable room. I quietly walked to my stable and laid down for tonight dreaming of the big race the next day.......

Today was the day, I was tacked up and ready to go but David was nowhere to be seen but a little girl no more than 9 years old climbed on me and patted my neck. As we entered the arena ot was silent. Then the gates flew open and we were off. About 3/4 the way done, I tripped Which sent my rider over my head. I grabbed her by the shirt and flung her back on. I was determined to win this race.

As I closed in on the lead, right behind the racer in first place, I lurched forward and I struck my front hoof down so hard a rock flew and hit the lead racer's horse in the chin which slowed him down bringing me into the lead and I crossed the finish line with glory and pride. I had won.

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Jan 03, 2015
Look forward t reading more!
by: Sydney from HorseCrazyGirls.com

I hope you'll keep writing. :) Share part II in the comments here so we can follow along!

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