SAY NO TO.....(stories to show examples why i hate some things to do with horses)

by Evangeline
(Anchorage, Alaska but still a loyal Canadian citizen.)

this rodeo horses injuries were ignored till during the rodeo.most rodeos today are more careful though...thank goodness!

this rodeo horses injuries were ignored till during the rodeo.most rodeos today are more careful though...thank goodness!


RODEOS: for a simple trick or show of stunt a horse can be put down...

I'm Bandit, at least i used 2 be. I was a wild horse from the range. I was captured on a cloudy day and brought to my new home, though i would only stay for a week. The humans there taught me how to be afraid of the whip. they smacked me until i reared and bucked, then put a dummy on my back.the next day i was in the arena and my riders whip and spurs were used at the same time. Wait a minute!

that means to rear and buck!so i tried...and everything went black.when i awoke an unfamiliar man was standing over me.i felt a prick and i woke in a land were there is no pain or suffering.
~****though sometimes this may happen most rodeos today are more careful!!!****~

SLAUGHTER:was i, a fellow animal, ment to be food on a foreigner's plate?

i was a young colt...about 7 months of age.How dare they take me away from my mother!it happened like this.

i was sire was the best in west,my dam his lead mare.i was of a kind of royal blood.then a VERY loud and obnoxious bird flew above us and frightened the foals and elders.How immature!Guess i must follow them because everyone else is going.oh looky! a patch of jasmine!oh there's a horse!he's leading us to the Jasmine! sire wouldn't let another male in the herd!BANG!a gate shut behind us.we were trapped.

the 1st to be led out was the young ones.they then led the older ones out.but the mares stayed.i tried to get away while the men were distracted by the mares' flailing was no use.i was led into an enclosed place were there seemed to be blood red paint on the walls.wait one min. whats that flash?a man was standing behind me and he had a metal looked sharp.whoooooo buddy get that away or-wait my dam is calling!the man then came in front of me.that was the last thing i saw.his greedy smile.then it all went black.

Putting Down horses:just because a horse is of no use anymore you put it down?!

my name was Crisies...or was.i was a magnificent jumping,but 1 day there was no more jumping for me.i was approaching the last jump.i was out of focus.i late.i came crashing down on the bright colored fence.later i learned that i could not jump anymore.i had injured both front legs and was to be put to sleep...FOREVER!at that time i despised my owners but now i understand.instead of legs god gave me wings.
****please understand i don't mean this about everything.****

Racing: Young-shmoung!that is what SOME race horse trainers think like.

I was Serendipity the 4 year old filly.i raced because They wanted me to,but i knew i wasn't mature enough.One day i was racing a really big race-don't ask me which one! i'm dead but i'm still a horse!-and it was muddy,my rider had been up all night(i'd heard him laughing with his friends...they had been way out of control and there was a bottle on the table.)and he was sluggish idiotic and acted like a flea-brain.well he leaned forward WAY,WAY to much and kicked my legs,accidentally but i wanted to teach him so i leaned a bit forward,thinking he would be smart and hold,on but he just slid of and got trampled by the horses behind me.OK NOW i was scared.wait! i was getting ahead! i was in the front when i slipped and i guess since i wasn't mature i ended up on the ground,unconscious,and with 3 broken legs not to mention 100 gouges!after that a strange man came.he had a long,white coat and a black mistress,for some reason unknown to me was crying.and after that the strange man pricked me and i fell into a deep sleep.....forever.

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Jul 19, 2011
I cant believe it
by: Odalys

I used to know somebody who raised horses, and she loved her horses but when she heard about the slaughter and putting down 'useless' horses, she freaked and she raced her horses again. but she is my riding instructor and she still breeds horses.

Circus horses are treated very well, i have went 'behind the stage' with PETA before. but a mare was injured and they didn't do anything about, and elephants were starved also.

Jul 09, 2011
uhhh 3
by: Destiny

Horses aren't starved before races either! They can't race if they aren't in top notch!

Jul 09, 2011
uhhh 2
by: Destiny

Most horses that race, for example, Secretariat, have a heart to race, THEY WANT TO! Horses that aren't mature enough to race, cannot race.

Jul 09, 2011
by: Destiny

Using spurs and whip is not to teach the horse to be afraid! Just saying, Horses only have to do this 2 times a year, they don't train. People put a back cinch thing on the horses flank to make him buck..

Apr 19, 2011
by: Doree

Hi! I don't like rodeos very much same with racing. A lot of hoses get hurt and injured:(

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