Saving Sammy

by Emmy A

i was ten when i moved barns with my coach, the owners had brought in a truck load of green horses for a Korean riding school(??????). There was Glory,Baxter,Sweetums,Phoenix,Bubbles and Samson. now i know this dosent sound bad but it was horibble! my friends and i spent the summer there and every friday THEY would come. None of them spoke english so we just did what they pointed. all the students didnt know how to ride so they dummped all the tack on the ground when they were done and left the horses wandering around. My TB mare was lame that day, so i rode Samson. He was 5, a chestnut QH around 15.1hh and ratty. But i loved him! We crashed trough every fence and that was it. He HAD to be mine. So i started to ride him every time i came up, and it worked! the TB i rode was sold to my friends. I worked and had him great, even out of the school. But that night before the Pickering show a girl and her mom came in and said they were there to look at Sammy. I fled to the lounge with bri trailing me as i cried. I had been the only one riding him and he had never thrown me, but that litle girl was barely in the saddle when he took off. Bucking and rearing. He sped around as she lay in the dust.

So bottem line is, two years later hes mine. We show trillium hunter and KNOWONE has ever riddin him exscept me!

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Nov 19, 2010
so sweet
by: koikoi

omg this story is soooo sweet :)

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