Samantha's dream horse

by Crazyhorselover

I stared at the wild Appaloosa horse that was galloping across the meadow. Suddenly it turned toward me. Then I was awoken from the dream I've been having. "Time to get up Samantha!"

"Okay!" I said as I got out of bed and put my horse t-shirt and jeans on. Then I looked at my bedroom full of horse posters and ribbons I've won at horse camp.

I love horses and have always wanted one. my parents told me maybe sometime. I looked outside to see if there was a pony or horse in my backyard but there wasn't so I went downstairs to have breakfast. After that I went outside to go to my friend Emma's. She had a horse named Sailor. He was a chestnut with a blaze he was pretty.

Emma loved horses as well. "Hi Emma!" I said as I walked over to her in the paddock were she was with Sailor. "Hi Samantha"! "Want to ride Sailor?" "Okay"! We put a halter on sailor and walked him to a cross tie where we groomed him tacked him up and both got on him.

We rode through the woods and as I we were riding I saw a flash of sorrel and white spots go by. It was the horse from my dream! "Did you see that?" I asked Emma. "See what?"

"I thought I saw something."

"Oh, it must be a coyote or something," said Emma. "Let's go home."

Okay I said and Emma urged Sailor into a canter. I went home and hugged my parents. Did you have fun today? My Mommy and Daddy asked. Yes! Then I had dinner and went to bed.

I had the same horse dream again! When I woke up I put on a horse covered tank top that says I ❤️Horses! On With jeans.

My parents smiled at me when I came down for breakfast and said we're going to buy you a horse! I ran to them and hugged them and said thank-you!

They told me that they were taking me to a wild horse auction and that I could pick a horse out! I would have to test ride the horse so I put my hair in a braid and got changed into my jodhpurs, turquoise polo t-shirt and riding boots I also brought along my helmet.

Then we took an old trailer of ours and drove to the wild horse auction. There I rode a Shetland pony mare, Thoroughbred stallion, dapple gray mare and a chestnut gelding. the man at the auction said there was one horse left. an Appaloosa. I went to see it and there was the horse I dreamed about! The man said he was just caught.

I told my parents about the dream and I test rode him he was great! "I guess he really is the horse of my dreams!" I said.

We bought him and named him Roy and then they lived horsie-ly ever after. The End. 🐴❤️

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Jan 15, 2016
by: Crazyhorselover

Thanks I enjoyed writing it I'm making another one called a horses diary.

Sep 29, 2015
by: Anonymous

Love it!

Jun 18, 2015
Really cute
by: Anonymous

I really like this story!

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